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i thought he was really good until the first INT. and then all the wheels feel off
Classic Culpepper . . . choking when its matters most!
Like in the come behind a 17-0 defecit to beat GB last year? That kind of choking?

Granted DC is not a word class QB, but he is still better than a lot of them out there. Don't forget he also has several NFL records in the books with his name next to them.

His 2 biggest flaws: Not being able to read a defense & too small of hands which causes him to fumble.
Hey Singer.
What's up my firend?
The fact is you are right.
DC is not a world class QB.
He's a good QB with a lot of athleticism.
The fact is he does choke under pressure.
One game of coming back doesn't outweigh his many gags.
There's more to being a good QB than stats alone.
Being a good QB requires leadership skills clock managing skills, and being able to read defenses well.
IMO he has neither.
What he does have is a good arm, good athleticism, and good accuracy for the most part.
But you have to admit when the game is on the line he's one of the worst.
He is one of the most over-rated QBs in the league.
He has good yardage and TD stats but he has horrible INT, fumble, game management stats.
I'd rather win games than bulk up my stats.