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    One of the Worst Articles Ever

    um so i think this made me dumber reading it.
    have fun becoming dumber my the word.
    she has no clue what she is talking about

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: One of the Worst Articles Ever

    i read four paragraphs and nearly puked. then i found the rest of it mildly sickening along with annoying. I promise this, you will never confuse me with a Randy crotch-sniffer.

    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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    Re: One of the Worst Articles Ever

    Sapp and Porter are not Mal-contents...and this young lady is a sad reminder of how SOME of the youth of America thinks these days. It's OK to quit....go back and deals, contracts, and your word to perform. It's easier to blame everyone and anything else for your troubles, instead of taking the responsibility for your own actions/decisions.
    Moss has a God given tallent to be the best WR ever, regardless of the team he plays for, but somewhere along the way he forgot about giving 100 percent all of the time. He manipulated his circumstances to get into the "optimum" Championship situation with NE, by performing at a sub-par level on purpose.
    He raved over going to Oakland and playing with the same players she mentions as mal-contents. He raved about haveing Kerry Collins at QB, etc. He gets to NE and Presto...He turns on the jets again.

    He coasted many times in Minnesota too.....and his attitude was tuff to watch/see on more than one occasion I can remember.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: One of the Worst Articles Ever

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