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    Quote Originally Posted by midgensa View Post
    By the way ... I have seen in many years on this site that you often have trouble reading a stat line.

    He most certainly DID NOT have more touchdowns than Aromashodu and Jenkins combined (he did not even have more than Jenkins uncombined), he did have more yards than both of them (by a whole 18 and a whole 16, hardly worth $41 million). He also did not average more yards per catch than Aromashodu. He was not even close really.

    So, sure ... we did not replace him with an upgrade. And if you can't read, I guess he clearly outproduced our whole corps. Rice got $13 million last year counting his bonus. Jenkins and Aromashodu combined to earn $2.3 million.

    Just Google all three players if you like. Or you can just keep making shit up.
    I did use the internet, but mistakenly used the wrong column under rushing TD's & thought he had 3, when in actuality he had 0, Thus what I thought was 5 TD's was actually 2.

    Jenkins did have 1 more TD than Rice, but he also played in 2 more games. Still Rice had more total receiving yards, averaged more YPC & had more YPG. Go ahead, Google it yourself.

    I could care less what each player was paid, that's up to the teams/owners. I don't expect salary increases to be directly proportional to production like some here do. Owners pay what they want to pay, often times overpaying. Do you really believe Rice should have scored 5.6 times more TD's than those two combined simply because he was paid 5.6 times as much?

    Did you expect AD to rush for over 3,800 yards & score 36 TD's simply because he was paid 3 times as much in 2011 as he was in 2010?

    Bottom line as I've stated several times now & my point is still valid, we did not upgrade the position. The Vikings have failed to do that at other positions by trying to plug in other teams castaways & hoping they'll become stars.

    Thus it should come as no surprise to people that with those downgrades the Vikings had yet another bad year.
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    Sidney Rice could be done in Seattle, barring a reduced deal
    Rice is due to earn a base salary of $8.5 million in 2014, an amount that his past performance and current health won’t justify. With a post-June 1 designation, the Seahawks could shed the contract with a $1.2 million cap charge in 2014 and 2015, according to a source with knowledge of the deal.
    Rice had 15 catches for 231 yards and three touchdowns in eight games this season. Last year, he had 50 catches for 748 yards and seven scores in 16 starts.

    It seems that Rice will be sticking around only if he agrees to significantly reduce his pay for next year, and beyond. Given that no one else will be paying him $8.5 million for 2013
    His injury history really looks to be catching up with him
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikinggreg View Post
    Sidney Rice could be done in Seattle, barring a reduced deal

    His injury history really looks to be catching up with him
    Ironic that we seem to be able to assess players when it comes to injury issues - especially when they want contract extensions - and get rid of those despite fan complaints.
    However when it comes to assessing players on the roster on the basis of performance and ability then our coaching staff/FO can't see past their noses.
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