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    Offensive Play: How different are dogfighting and football?

    Very interesting article about the savage nature of football - in particular, concussive injuries.

    [size=12pt]Offensive Play:
    How different are dogfighting and football?[/size]

    by Malcolm Gladwell
    October 19, 2009
    Turley is six feet five. He is thirty-four years old, with a square jaw and blue eyes. For nine years, before he retired, in 2007, he was an offensive lineman in the National Football League. He knew all the stories about former football players. Mike Webster, the longtime Pittsburgh Steeler and one of the greatest players in N.F.L. history, ended his life a recluse, sleeping on the floor of the Pittsburgh Amtrak station. Another former Pittsburgh Steeler, Terry Long, drifted into chaos and killed himself four years ago by drinking antifreeze. Andre Waters, a former defensive back for the Philadelphia Eagles, sank into depression and pleaded with his girlfriend—“I need help, somebody help me”—before shooting himself in the head. There were men with aching knees and backs and hands, from all those years of playing football. But their real problem was with their heads, the one part of their body that got hit over and over again.

    “Lately, I’ve tried to break it down,” Turley said. “I remember, every season, multiple occasions where I’d hit someone so hard that my eyes went cross-eyed, and they wouldn’t come uncrossed for a full series of plays. You are just out there, trying to hit the guy in the middle, because there are three of them. You don’t remember much. There are the cases where you hit a guy and you’d get into a collision where everything goes off. You’re dazed. And there are the others where you are involved in a big, long drive. You start on your own five-yard line, and drive all the way down the field—fifteen, eighteen plays in a row sometimes. Every play: collision, collision, collision. By the time you get to the other end of the field, you’re seeing spots. You feel like you are going to black out. Literally, these white explosions—boom, boom, boom—lights getting dimmer and brighter, dimmer and brighter.

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    Re: Offensive Play: How different are dogfighting and football?

    I'll start by saying I totally agree that steps should be made to make football safer, which has been happening since it was invented.

    But the analogy between football and dogfighting is moronic at best.

    For the analogy to have any credibility these things would have to be considered:
    #1 Whose making the decision, the owners or combatants?
    NFL players, Turley, make the choice, throughout their football life.
    Dogs have no choice they are conditioned from birth and I'm positive they would rather have daily walks and belly rubs than get killed.

    #2 Football has made continuous steps to make the game safer. In the early 1900's football players didn't have helmets or pads.
    What has dogfighting done to increase the dogs safety?
    Absolutely NOTHING.

    #3 This quote:
    “I was not aware of dogfighting and the terrible things that happen around dogfighting,” Goodell said, explaining why he responded so sternly in the Vick case.
    One wonders whether, had he spent as much time talking to Kyle Turley as he did to Michael Vick, he’d start to have similar doubts about his own sport.
    A proper analogy would be for Goodell to spend time as much time with Turley as he did with the dead dog. OR with a NFL owner and Vick.
    Goodell does spend LOTS more time with the NFL owners than he did with Vick.
    Goodell spends lots of time dicipline players for unsafe hits, do dogs get diciplined for biting too hard?
    No, they get rewarded.

    I could go on and on....

    The article has a good point about how dangerous football can be, but obviously used the comparison to dogfighting only to get readers.
    I could just as well compare self serving magazine writers to serial killers.
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