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    Offensive Line Capsules

    [size=13pt]Offensive Line Capsules[/size]

    We don't pay a whole lot of attention to them in fantasy football, but everything on offense begins with the big guys up front. The best set of skill players in the league isn't going to get far without at least solid blocking, so it's good to at least consider the quality of each offensive line as you prepare for your draft.....

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    Re: Offensive Line Capsules

    New England — Many expected the Patriots to draft another candidate up front after allowing Tom Brady to get harassed in the Super Bowl upset, but the team appears happy with what it has.
    I know I did.
    Sure got that one wrong in my mock.

    Denver — We've come to equate the Broncos with strong run blocking, but the team was closer to the middle of the pack in that category last season.
    Bigger faster DLmen seem to kindof negate the smaller faster approach to the ZB scheme Shannahan employs.

    I think that is why our staff went with bigger faster guys.

    Green Bay — You wouldn’t think of the Packers as having any questions up front, but Green Bay posted the seventh-fewest adjusted line yards in the league last season. The year before, the team ranked a mere 16th. It’s not likely that an offensive line with veteran tackles in Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher is on the rise, so it just might be that Green Bay is a middle-of-the-pack run-blocking unit at best. Now, Brett Favre won’t even be around to draw attention. We’ll have to see if Ryan Grant’s growth is stunted at all, though it sure wasn’t last season.
    Ouch, I need to go look at this "Adjusted Line Yards" thing.
    I assumed thier line was a bit better than this even though Favre made them look a little better than they actually are/were.
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    Re: Offensive Line Capsules

    Minnesota — The Vikings carry a big reputation, thanks in large part to left guard Steve Hutchinson. In actuality, though, they have ranked right in the middle of the league in adjusted line yards in each of the past two seasons. Bryant McKinnie is a big, ol' question mark at left tackle thanks to legal issues, and veteran center Matt Birk seems to be all but hitching a ride out of town. Nevertheless, when all three are on the field, the league's best rushing attack shouldn't suffer.
    About right. I just hope that they become a bit better than middle of the pack this year.

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