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    Re: Nobody beats the Whiz

    "davike" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "davike" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    [quote author=jmcdon00 link=topic=33001.msg562791#msg562791 date=1176232767]If it were legal you would not have as many drug dealers, instead you would have legitimized businesses that pay taxes which could be used to educate children of the dangers of drugs. So right there the government gets milllions of dollars. Also by legalizing marijuana you reduce the burden on our jails and police force, which saves the government millions of dollars.
    There would still be drug dealers. They make their money off of other peoples misery & habits & would continue to sell other illegal drugs & MJ as well.

    If it were legalized, the price after government taxed the pooh out of it & it would be more expensive than what a dealer would sell it for.

    Do you actually believe that if they legalized pot, the pot dealers would go out & find regular
    jobs to support themselves/families & become fine upstanding citizens? LMAO!

    You also want to legalize an illegal drug to help pay to educate children on the dangers of drugs?

    Hello!!!! What is wrong with this picture?
    During proabition many people started boot legging booze, after proabition those people had to find other ways to make a living, bootlegging stopped. With legalized pot you would take millions of dollars away from the drug dealers and put it in the hands of business owners. Pot dealers are not the same as heroin dealers, they are supplying something millions of Americans have been enjoying for years.
    I think prices would probably stay pretty consistent with what they are now because now everything has to be done underground which costs alot of money, selling pot without a license would still be illegal. Ciggerettes and booze are heavily taxed and you don't see cig dealers do you. There would still be drug dealers, but far fewer pot dealers.

    As far as using the taxes to pay to educate children on drugs, i think this is a good idea but you could use the money for anything. When I was in school it was alot easier to get a pot than alcohol for the simple reason that you had to be 21 to buy beer but anyone could buy pot because it is not regulated. I don't think pot should be legal for children, only adults and with strict rules etc. no driving. The war on marijuana is a failure and it is past time to make changes to the rules.
    Sorry about the crappy sentences but I have alot of work I should be doing. And no I am not high.
    Hmm yeah cuz putting regulations on alcohol made bunches of difference. Why don't we make all drugs legal....we would put strict restrictions on it of course so it would be all good, plus we would save tons of money : You seem to forget about what pot does to you. It has ruined many of lives.
    during prohibition alcohol consumption increased, after prohibition alcohol consumption decreased. It is much harder for most 17 year old kids to buy alcohol than marijuana because nobody id's for marijuana.
    Marijuana grows natural all over North America, how can the government outlaw a plant that was here before the government? I think if you seriously think a casual pot smoker belongs in jail you are silly.
    I am not saying that marijuana is good for you but it is not a deadly drug, the worst side effect is it makes some users lazy, which is ok with me.
    I know what pot does, it gets you high.

    Actually alcohol is easier to get then pot, there are many areas where (including in bigger cities) kids can get alcohol over the counter. I know plenty of people who before legal, went to certain stores and bought alcohol when they were 15. It is very easy to get alcohol.

    i agree 100% im 18 was in highschool this year in college this year, alcohol is no problem to get a hold of because of the brother/sister connection people have.
    Also because parents are pussies and dont punish their kids around here, thats another story.If you want weed you have to search a little, not much lol but more than you would booz

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Nobody beats the Whiz

    "tarkenton10" wrote:
    "fourdoorchevelle" wrote:
    sorry for the dual post, first 1 was when i was taking my lunch from the sucessfull bussiness i run to pay the morgage for my $500,000 house that i bought when i was 22. (gol 'darnit weed holding me back.).

    Ah yeah... taking lunch from a successful bussiness is why you double posted.
    I think you are one of the basemant dwellers and had one too many hits!!
    one person does not change the effects of pot, where is your study!!?!?!?.
    Who knows maybe it did, you may have been able to buy your home when you were 18 had you not been stoned!!
    And maybe you are delusional right now and you are living in your parents basement and imagined you bought a house

    um yeah i only had enough time time make a short coment, eat then go back to work , and if you weren't on the wacky weed ,(making you totaly unresponsible for any thing) , you would have noticed i said dual post

    There are the same hazards as smoking cigs. but no one can establish that because they can't find subjects who will be in their study.
    If you smoke pot and cigs. lung cancer is attributed to the cigs.
    sounds made up, considering all the known crap in cigeretts

    Read This

    Google first

    Adverse effects of cannabis and cannabinoids

    finaly something besides "my friends , crack head i know and i know better then you"

    Well, there are people killed every day from people driving under the influence of pot.
    Pot is also a gateway drug
    link or is this made up??

    Read above article

    this is the best part of pwning you on the ineterweb lolers.......... right from the first link on the google search you provided, ,,,,,,,

    weed impaires you in the lab studies, blah blah.......(paraprashed of course).....

    however studys ofeffects of canibis on driving under more realistic conditions on road have shown more modest impairments, probably becasue canabis user are aware of their imapirment and less inclined to take risksthen acohol users.

    results of epiemiological studies of road traffic accidents are equivocal becasue most drivers who have canabinoids in thier blood also have high alcohol concentrations. in 2 studies with reasonable numbers of individuals who only used canabis in these driversthere is no clear evidense of increased pulpability in these drivers

    How many heroin addicts started out on heroin, just jumped right to it, not many!!
    bet they started with ciggeretts , then beer , then wiskey or was it burbon , then they tried beedees , cloves and then heroin, totally steering away from the horendous killer weed!!!!!!

    Ah a post please backing up your assumption, you can't just post your opinion!!
    That is totally wrong, JEESH!
    I wonder if you have heard that before, maybe you need to listen to your own advise

    You must have had a little of that stuff when you posted this big pile of pooh!

    its called sarcasim ....and if you weren't on the wacky weed ,(making you totaly unresponsible for any thing) , you would have noticed

    How many countless people are still stuck in high school mentally, getting high in their parents basements?
    How many are in rehab and trying to kick a crack habit?
    ok how many?

    A rhetorical question, you must be under the influence of the whacky weed and can not comprehend such a concept!

    wait for it .....wait for it..... wait i guess you couldn't so i'll post it here as well
    just pointing out steriotypes
    how many dorks play D&D in their parents basement at the age of 45 ?? i say 63 . (no offense to any that enjoy the wonderful world of D&D , just pointing out steriotypes.)

    I know you will say the same can be said about alcohol, no it can't.
    Crack and drugs are far more addicting than alcohol.
    narcotics anonymous didn't come from no where the originating group was called alcoholics anonymous

    this major news group says alcohol is addictive

    Alcohol is far more prevelant in this society so you find more problems with it.
    It is also acceptable to drink so it is not as big a stigma to be in AA, easier to make a group.
    It has changed over the years but that is why AA was first to be organized!!
    Drugs has become a visible problem only since the late sixties!

    alcohol is more wide spread, so there is more problems with it, it is ok .there is AA .

    my point exactly ,if that is not what you ment then please reitterate.

    I am in the process of trying to help two children because of their crack parents who by the way started their drug habit by smoking marijuana.
    might want to try a bigger focus group then 2 , and please ask them if they started with alcohol or ciggeretts or did weed make them do that also

    Weed made them do everything!!

    You may want to try a bigger group than you as a success story also.
    I am sure your house is worth $500,00!
    Weed is the only culprit, it is evil and everyone who does it is going to rot in hell.
    Does that make you feel better.
    All you have to do is read any article and they will tell you the correllation between Marijuana and more dangerous drugs. They do not go as far as to say that it is a gateway drug but the finding are very compelling.
    If you look at the correllation between marijuana use and other drugs.

    youre the 1 who said that
    It ruins your drive to succeed
    i all by my self shoot your poo butt therory to shreads

    It ruins your drive to succeed
    please tell me when i have offically won life , thank you

    Not yet, you might have to wait a while for that from the sounds of it.

    The difference in both are staggering, marijuana users are far more likely to try a more potent drug than a beer drinker.
    I have not done studies but just from the people I have known and the people they know.
    again stating your opinion as fact

    You may be able to fool some people with that talk about studies and research but I know better.
    sounds like the same people telling me that i shouldn't smoke pot

    While pepole like sugar I have not seen anyone blowing through a bag of M & Ms and then rushing down to the local drug dealer to grab a bag of dope before they have the DTs.
    and people that use weed do ? please decribe these dt's and provide a link.....

    but not this 1 ....

    that's called propoganda

    Adverse effects of cannabis and cannabinoids

    more ammo from your gun shooting you in the grill piece, did you read even the first article of your own link , or where you so sure that the propoganda that you have been chewing on wasn't crow?

    The point isn't what's worse;pot or booze?
    The point is neither is good for you and you really don't need either one
    so you know what is best for every 1 else and should force every 1 to live by what you think is right??

    Again you try to justify something that the society thinks is wrong.
    Should we have to live under your laws!!
    Everyone has to live under some laws or there would be chaos!!
    I believe I should be able to take your house and anything else I can get my hands on.
    Why do you drug lovin' hippies try impose your moral values on me.
    The country believes alcohol is legally ok to consume they do not choose to do the same with marijuana.
    That is life, get use to it, any time someone tells you no they are forcing you to live by their rules.
    You can go somewhere else if you are so determined to use the drug; that is your priviledge.
    That doesn't mean we have to listen to all the pot smokers whine because they want to get high

    weed doesn't hurt people , people hurt people and if you weren't on the wacky weed ,(making you totaly unresponsible for any thing) , you would have noticed .

    its not moral values it you and people who think like you telling me i can't smoke pot because you knowbetter than i do what is good for me. if you don't want to smoke pot , than don't . or would making drugs leagal force people like you to go out and do it, some have enough will power to decied that they shouldn't do something with out their "big brother" telling them. i don't hurt you. i don't hurt any one by smoking pot. the only reprocussions is from the government giving these drug cartels god like power with the money that a black market brings. if pot were legal no 1 would get shot from it. you would go to your local liquor store and ask for a pack of marijuannna reds.

    if this countrys standard of living was not as good as it is there would have been a revolt along time ago , the consitution and bill of rights are now a myth. but this is another story includuing a lot of links, and locked threads
    Blah, Blah, Blah... poor baby what aren't you allowed to do now.
    Bring on the revolt, I am ready for it.
    Time to figure out who's who.
    I say go to Iran where you can really be free!!

    Here is an article for you to read, you seem to love to ask for them.
    I have read many articles on marijuana but this one has the good and bad points so have at it.
    If you are really interested I can post some more for you.
    But I know how motivated pot smokers are!!
    Talks about the accidents while under the influence and many more questions you had!

    Google search

    Adverse effects of cannabis and cannabinoids

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    Re: Nobody beats the Whiz

    No one is going to win this argument, and nothing new is being presented.
    Can we simply shut this down?
    There is nothing left to gain here.


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