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Thread: No Pack No!

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    Following earlier reports it has now been confirmed by local EMS teams that they did attend Lambeau Field late yesterday after reports of a suspected incident causing breathing difficulties to a large amount of people. However further investigation showed that it was limited to the Green Bay Packers football team suffering from a severe bout of choking and that there was no need for concern to anybody outside of the stadium.
    More at 11......
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    As happy as I am to see the Pukers lose and the Taints, I hate the fact that I have to live vicariously through other teams...
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    I was as happy as any other Vikings fan to see the Packers lose this game. The Saints as well, although I had actually picked the 'Niners in that one. Two down, one to go, and I'll forgive the Patriots just this once because they shut up the T-Boners. Now they just need to lose to the Ravens and all will be right with the world once more.

    I know lots of folks have said that the old maxim, "Defense wins Championships," is no longer relevant in this age of QBs and offense. While I can see their point, I have always looked at it more as "Lack of Defense LOSES Championships." And from that perspective, it seems to still be holding up quite well.

    So long, Packers. See ya later, Saints. And hopefully, no Patriots after this weekend.

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