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    The NFL's biggest rip-offs's-biggest-rip-offs?GT1=39002

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    Re: The NFL's biggest rip-offs

    Javon Walker is too low. He has done nothing for the raiders.
    The rest are pretty accurate.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: The NFL's biggest rip-offs

    Hmmm, interesting read. Not the spin I thought I was gonna read.

    I actually would have liked to see a article related to how the NFL lets talking heads pollute our minds with drivel instead of covering the game and all the intricacies around/in it.

    Course this article is from Fox Sports. Anyone watched that pre-game show lately? WOW. Talk about non football related drivel.
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    Re:The NFL's biggest rip-offs

    LOL poor Sage.

    What about Jay Cutler?

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    Re:The NFL's biggest rip-offs

    and there was me thinking that the article was going to call out Goodell and his cronies for some of the BS decisions, rules and fines that they had handed down in recent years :laugh:
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