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everyone here will think of winfield first.

another is derrick johnson from the chiefs
Derrick Johnson is 6'3 242... not exactly a "small hitter"

I don't understand why they put some of these guys on the list, none of them besides Winfield and Sanders are small for the NFL. Maybe a little undersized for their position, take Fletcher or Freeney for example, short for their position, but still heavy, strong guys.

I think it's a pretty stupid list honestly. Most of those guys don't even hit that hard, Winfield and Sanders are the only two guys on there you ever see really "jack up" someone, and they're the smallest. Polamalu always leads with his head, Freeneys sacks are unimpressive in terms of impact, I haven't seen much of Ryans, I don't remember many big Fletcher hits either.

They should have just made an NFL's Hardest Hitting list.
Pat Williams only clothe-lines people.