Blank 'optimistic' on labor vote; NFLPA recertification an issue

While Blank said he hoped owners would vote Thursday, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith implied not to expect as much from the players, going as far as to suggest that recertifying the union -- a necessary step toward an agreement -- wasn't imminent.

"Here in America, every time an employee makes that decision about whether he wants to be a part of a union, it's something that is serious, significant and should be done in a very sober way," Smith said.
excuse me? I thought a player had to be in the NFLPA as a matter of course, so whats to consider? If they want to work then they have to be in the union. Smith is just being a complete tool and milking his current public profile for all it's worth. I'll be glad when the CBA is finally sorted so he can vanish again.