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    NFL Playoff Predictions

    Who's going to win this weekend? [size=10pt] SPAM REMOVED [/size] actually used Madden 2007 to simulate the playoffs to see who's going to win.
    It's a pretty interesting read, and there are a couple surprises you should check out, complete with game stats.
    [size=10pt] SPAM REMOVED [/size]

    Also, if you play Madden 2007, XXXXXXXXXXX
    also has some great Madden tips & strategies if you want to beat up on your friends.

    Are the XXXXXXXXXXX predictions accurate?
    What are your thoughts?


    No spamming.
    Please read the forum rules and get permission prior to promoting your site.

    We chose not to let spam fly here because if we do we will get hammered with it and I do not think the majority of our members care for a spam-ridden site; makes the site trashy.
    We get enough of it through email, do not need it here.


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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions


    **Damn min. word requirement is forcing me to continue to use more keystrokes than I want too, causing my carpal tunnel to inflame even faster at a younger age .... Curse You Word Min ......


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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    Im going with the Eagles, Pats, Seahawks, and Indy.

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    I'm going with the team that scores more points than the other team.

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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    Week 1 winners: Jets, Colts, Eagles, Seahawks

    Week 2 winners: Chargers, Ravens, Seahawks, Eagles

    Week 3 winners: Ravens, Eagles

    Super Bowl: Ravens over the Eagles, 27-24

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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    1. Colts over Chiefs

    2. Cowboys over Seahawks

    3. Patriots over Jets

    4. Eagles over Giants
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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    "gr8vike" wrote:
    Im going with the Eagles, Pats, Seahawks, and Indy.
    My pics exactly...

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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    This week I'll take as follows:

    Colts over Chiefs
    A really dificult match up. LJ stands good to the poor Colts run D, but also Manning will be able to find his recievers agains somewhat sloppy Chiefs DB (Strange Edwards can't get that to work).

    Cowboys over Seahawks
    I don't believe in the Seahawks. Both teams backed in, but the Seahawks played in a much weaker NFC West division.

    Patriots over Jets
    Allways dificult with these interdivisional matchups, but I'll put my money on Brady in the playoffs. At least this week where he is also at home.

    Eagles over Giants
    Once again a divisional matchup. Could be a great game. As for the outcome I'll just have to go with the fact that the Eagles has looked to be one of the hottest teams coming into the playoffs. Plus Coughlin is an idiot.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    Chargers over the Saints in the superbowl.
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    Re: NFL Playoff Predictions

    Week 1 winners:
    Cheifs over Colts, Cowboys over Seahwaks, JETS over Patriots, Eagles over Giants

    Week 2 winners: RAVENSSSS, chargers, Saints, Cowboys



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