NFL Players Want To Play For Pete Carroll More Than Any Other Coach

by Luke Hughes (NESN) on Tue, Jan 28, 2014

In a recent ESPN NFL Nation survey that polled 320 NFL players on a variety of topics, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was voted the coach whom players would most like to play for. Carroll received 72 votes (22.5 percent), almost 30 more than any other coach ....

One of Carroll’s Seahawks players, linebacker Heath Farwell, explained what separates his coach from the rest. “If you make a mistake, he uses that as a teachable moment,” Farwell said. “Pete explains what you did wrong and how you can correct. If you do something wrong, he will say that’s not acceptable by the organization and explain why. “We all make mistakes, but with Pete, it’s about learning from it. He’s not a talk-down-to-you or yell-at-you kind of coach.”
I wanted the Vikings to go after Carroll in 2006. With his Minnesota connections, who knows what could have happened. I am not sure the Wilfs wanted to give up as much control as Carroll would have wanted, and having no GM in place made the Vikings look like a group of amateurs.