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    NFL Players Free Agent Contract Grades... (Not A Bad POV)

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    ikings sign TE John Carlson (5 years, $25M; $11M guaranteed): F Grade
    The Vikings are apparently trying to recreate New England's two-tight end offense. The problem is that one of their tight ends suck. And it's the guy they just gave $25 million to.

    Talk about overpaying. Carlson is both mediocre (at best) and injury-prone. In what bizarro universe is he worth $25 million, with $11 million of it guaranteed? An even more important question: Did Matt Millen and his LSD-laced kielbasas have a hand in this transaction as well?
    I actually like the Carlson signing.

    Bigger problem for me isn't that we are trying to run the Pats offense (as I like the concept) its the coach.

    Lets face it, Ole Musgrove is a wash/bust just like he was every place else. I wonder were everyone one is that came out in support of this chucklehead when I did my coaches analysis last year.

    On a even funnier note, did everyone catch how quick Ziggy was to shit can Leslie when he thought the Tuna might be interested in coming back? Kindof backs up my assesment that Leslie is nothing more than a cheap stop gap until the stadium thing comes clear or someone big enough to help the stadium thing come clear comes along.
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