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    NFL, Players Are Expected To Agree on Conduct Policy

    [size=12pt]NFL, Players Are Expected To Agree on Conduct Policy[/size]
    Repeated Criminal Behavior Could Result in 1-Year Suspension

    By Mark Maske
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, March 15, 2007; Page E03

    The NFL and the NFL Players Association are expected to agree this offseason to a new player-conduct policy by which a player would be subject to a one-year suspension for repeated criminal behavior and would have to apply to the league for reinstatement, according to Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFLPA.

    The policy, Upshaw said, also is likely to include a provision with possible sanctions for teams that have large numbers of players with repeat criminal offenses.

    "There has to be an end point, and that end point has to be a suspension," Upshaw said in a telephone interview from the players' board meetings in Hawaii. "We want to strengthen it. This will have the players' input into the process. This won't be coming from the top down. This will be coming from the bottom up."

    The policy could be completed soon after Upshaw finishes his meetings with players in Hawaii and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell meets with owners at the annual league meeting late this month in Phoenix, Upshaw said.

    "After that, I think we'll be at a point where we have a pretty clear direction," Upshaw said.
    Searched and did not find this mentioned here.
    I think it's a great idea and long overdue.


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    Re: NFL, Players Are Expected To Agree on Conduct Policy

    A good article to be read by all NFL fans, especially those who feel what The Love Boat crew did, or what D.Smith did, or what Onterrio Smith did, or .... was OK, and just havin' some fun....

    It is obvious to those who have been paying attention that the Vikings have been following a personnel strategy that falls in line with this (these) possible pending rule change(s).
    Thus, they eliminated the possible risk of losing a roster player who is unable to control their behavior.
    And it can only help in the effort to get a new stadium because public opinion of tax-paying Minnesotans who read the newspapers and listen to TV news reports will be critical to that goal.
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: NFL, Players Are Expected To Agree on Conduct Policy

    Perhaps it will be only TWO strikes and you're out?


    NFL | Goodell could issue lifetime bans for player misconduct
    Wed, 4 Apr 2007 08:07:36 -0700 reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's new player conduct policy could allow him to issue lifetime bans to players involved in serious criminal activity, according to the Washington Post. NFL players' association executive director Gene Upshaw told the paper in an interview that under the new policy, a first-time offender would have to undergo counseling and be placed on probation and might be fined. A second-time offender could face suspension should his infraction be considered severe.

    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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