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    NFL Network dropped

    NFL | NFL Network being dropped
    Fri, 28 Jul 2006 06:24:07 -0700

    The Buffalo News reports the NFL Network very likely will be thrown for a loss Tuesday, Aug. 1, locally and nationally when it is expected to be dropped from the cable lineup after Adelphia's long-awaited takeover by Time Warner is completed. Buffalo, Dallas and Cleveland are the three NFL markets that had been getting The NFL Network and will lose it in the Adelphia-Time Warner deal, according to an NFL Network spokesman. "We pleaded to be left on while we continue to negotiate," e-mailed the spokesman, "especially since the first of 52 preseason games and 12 inside training camp shows begin, but Time Warner refused." As noted previously, the NFL Network plans to launch its own marketing campaign to let viewers understand their options, including satellite providers Dish Network and DirecTV on their "most affordable, basic packages."

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    Re: NFL Network dropped

    We have Time Warner in Eden Prairie Minnesota and as part of the deal that got Time Warner the Adelphia deal they gave this whole area to ComCast so maybe we will be able to get NFL Network now!

    Sorry Buffalo your loss is hopefully our gain!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: NFL Network dropped

    I noticed that the NFL network was just added to my bare-bones basic DishNetwork package a couple of days ago. I'm stoked!!
    I am a dipshit!!!

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    Re: NFL Network dropped

    I had to pay 5.00 more a month on my Comcast Digital cable to get the sports teir package that includes NFL network. It never was free in my poor state. :sad:

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    Re: NFL Network dropped

    NFL pushes NFL Network on cable operators
    Updated 7/28/2006 11:15 AM ET
    By Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY

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