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Thread: NFL Network

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    NFL Network

    Anyone know if those NFL Network commericals of Neil Rackers kicking the ball off the goal posts or Braylon Edwards catching passes blind folded real or are they staged?

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    Re: NFL Network

    Ya, everything on TV is staged (excpet for sports) :roll:

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: NFL Network

    No idea. I haven't seen the commercials yet. I'll look out for them.

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    Re: NFL Network

    i saw the Rackers one, and it looked pretty real!! i will keep an eye out for the Edwards one!!! but that kicking one was tight!!!

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    Re: NFL Network

    They are staged because SI had a whole article on the new NFL network commericals for this year.

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    Re: NFL Network

    damn...its that time year again...must be football season...YAY SKOL!!!

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