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    Re: NFL Lays Off 150 Employees

    "Schutz" wrote:
    From different sources I read the NFL is worried about what the economy might do to the NFL next year but they're making good money right now.
    I think this is kind of a slick willy move firing people who can be supported right before the holidays.
    But oh well the NFL is fine with overpaying their "product" but not the guys behind the scenes who help make it happen.
    I wonder if anybody is going to care about these guy's health and benefits like the player's union?
    Yep, makes me ill.
    I could do a whole article on why NFL or any other pro atletes should not receive guaranteed money!
    First of all, it is a CHOICE to play a sport for a living.
    If the average Joe truck driver / printer / mechanic gets hurt all he / she
    gets is comp. if he / she is lucky.
    Unless they have liability ins. they are screwed!
    If anyone can afford liability ins. it is a pro atlete.
    Give up the Bentley or the indoor pool and suck it up!!!
    I've got an idea for the NFL to save money.
    Cut Goodell's salary--completely!!!
    He is proving in a very short time he is clearly not qualified for the job.
    The first requirement should be a Master's in common-sense!!!!!!
    A good friend will help you move...a best friend will help you move a body.

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    Re: NFL Lays Off 150 Employees

    Should have been 151...

    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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