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    Re: NFL HOF Class of 2010 semifinalists announced

    "Zeus" wrote:
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    "Zeus" wrote:
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    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=54452.msg1022767#msg1022767 date=1259600325]
    [quote author=i_bleed_purple link=topic=54452.msg1022766#msg1022766 date=1259600191]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=54452.msg1022423#msg1022423 date=1259504612]
    Would absolutely love to see Jim or John get in this year. Chris would be nice as well.
    Cris is dead to me.
    So you hate a long-time Vikings great as much as you hate the long-time packer Great?
    Something isn't right there.
    Did you see the word "Hate" in my post?
    I hate no one.
    I just don't like how he ground his axe over the whole Pepp thing.

    IMHO, that long-time Vikings great, should've respected the organization that gave him another chance instead of the doing the crap he's done of late.
    The "crap he's done of late" would be what?
    Being paid by ESPN as an analyst and refusing to be a blatant homer?
    Yes, at times things he said are annoying, but its what he's paid to do.
    Keep in mind, the organization that gave him another chance doesn't have any of the same players, coaches or FO people that gave him another chance.
    Comeon, you know what I'm talking about.
    Being a Non-homer isn't it.
    He had an axe to grind and he ground it.
    For that I couldn't care less if he makes it.

    As to your "Who't there and who isn't".
    You might be right.
    Maybe the current regime feels the way I do which could explain his lack of support in his efforts to get into the hall.
    What do you mean his "lack of support in his efforts to get into the hall"?
    Do you even know how the process works?

    Carter has made the final 25 two times in two years of eligibility.
    He made the final 15 last year in his first year of eligibility.
    Each candidate has his resume for inclusion summarized by one of the two local voters in front of the entire voting panel (for the Vikings, that's Sid Hartman (ick) who does it).
    Then the voters vote.
    Last year, Art Monk was selected over Carter (it will be very difficult for 2 WRs to make it in one year) after many years of just falling "that much" short.

    Carter's broadcasting career has ZERO influence over any decision that anyone in that room makes.
    The biggest problem for Carter is that ancient Sid is trying to make his case.
    But Sid won't give up his vote until they pry it from his cold, dead hands.

    What kindof question is that?
    Do I know how it works.
    Do you?
    Who is his advocate? Probably the same advocate that wants to ensure he has access to the current team.

    Do I know how it works. Gimme a break. If nothing else, I can use google and wiki just like anyone else can.


    I just told you who his advocate was.
    If you actually read what I wrote rather than clicking "reply" at the first twitch in your eyelid, you'd get more mileage out of your response.

    I give ya that one.
    Missed your comment on Sid.
    Dude needs to retire or something.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: NFL HOF Class of 2010 semifinalists announced

    I continue to be amazed that Carter and Randle aren't in yet.
    Not that there aren't many good players that have been left out, but the resume on these guys is ridiculous.

    Carter is obvious.
    Very few people could argue that he isn't one of the top 10 wide receivers of all-time.
    Most here would probably rank him in the top 5.
    There are 20 in there right now, and Carter has significantly better credentials than most all of them.

    Randle doesn't get a ton of talk around the league, but he is the best pass rushing defensive tackle of the past 30 years.
    He was also a great all-around player, and versatile.
    Yes he had Doleman and Thomas next to him for a few years, but the majority of his time was spent with guys named Barker, Tuaolo, Alexander, Fisk, Tony Williams, Sawyer, Eaten... and the list goes on and on.
    Compare that to another deserving candidate, Richard Dent, that spent basically his entire career with good players: Hampton, McMichael, Armstrong, and Perry.

    I hope they both make it this year, but I'm not very positive about that happening.
    When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job." - Jack Handey [Deep Thoughts]

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