[size=18px]NFL Europe broadcast teams announced[/size]

All 31 games to be broadcast on NFL Network

(March 17, 2006)

-- For 13 seasons, NFL Europe has been a proving ground for future NFL stars.

The league has also produced some of the best broadcasting talent in the NFL including FOX's Troy Aikman, Brian Baldinger and Daryl "Moose" Johnston.

As NFL Network opens its first season as the exclusive home for NFL Europe, a new crop of analysts look to follow in their footsteps.

NFL Europe on NFL Network analysts for the 2006 season include former and current NFL stars including Morten Anderson, Cris Carter, Jon Ritchie, Darren Sharper and Rod Woodson.

These analysts will be the cornerstones of NFL Network coverage of NFL Europe this season along with the play-by-play announcers including Rich Ackerman, Paul Burmeister, Rich Eisen, Nick Halling, Derrin Horton, Bob Wichusen and Ari Wolfe.

In addition, Baldinger returns for his 10th season as an analyst for NFL Europe games, joining his long-time partner Curt Menefee as the top broadcast team for NFL Network's coverage. The duo will call games during Weeks 8-10 of the regular season and the Yello-Strom World Bowl XIV, which airs exclusively on NFL Network on Saturday, May 27.

NFL Network's exclusive coverage of NFL Europe begins Saturday, March 18, with a doubleheader featuring the Frankfurt Galaxy at the Rhein Fire live at 1 p.m. ET, followed by the Berlin Thunder travelling to Amsterdam to take on the Admirals in a rematch of World Bowl XIII.

World Bowl XIV will be played Saturday, May 27, between the top two squads in the six-team league squaring off after the 10-week season, which runs from March 18 to May 20.

NFL Network airs seven days a week, 24 hours a day on a year-round basis and is the first television network fully dedicated to the NFL and the sport of football.

NFL Europe on NFL Network television schedule

Week 1 Sat. 3/18 Frankfurt at Rhein
Mike Corey (Play-by-Play), Morten Anderson (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sat. 3/18 Berlin at Amsterdam
Rich Ackerman (Play-by-Play), Jon Ritchie (Analyst) 7 p.m. ET
Sun. 3/19 Cologne at Hamburg
Rich Ackerman (Play-by-Play), Cris Carter (Analyst) 3 p.m. ET

Week 2 Sat. 3/25 Hamburg at Frankfurt
Mike Corey (Play-by-Play), Morten Anderson (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sat. 3/25 Rhein at Berlin
Rich Eisen (Play-by-Play), Rod Woodson (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET
Sun. 3/26 Amsterdam at Cologne
Rich Eisen (Play-by-Play), Cris Carter (Analyst) 9 a.m. ET LIVE

Week 3 Sat. 4/1 Berlin at Hamburg
Nick Halling (Play-by-Play), Morten Anderson (Analyst) 12 Noon ET LIVE
Sat. 4 /1 Frankfurt at Amsterdam
Bob Wichusen (Play-by-Play), Jon Ritchie (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET
Sun. 4/2 Rhein at Cologne
Ari Wolfe (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 10 a.m. ET LIVE

Week 4 Sat. 4/8 Hamburg at Rhein
Nick Halling (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sat. 4/8 Cologne at Frankfurt
Paul Burmeister (Play-by-Play), Butch Davis (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET
Sun. 4/9 Amsterdam at Berlin
Bob Wichusen (Play-by-Play), Jay Walker (Analyst) 12 Noon ET

Week 5 Sat. 4/15 Frankfurt at Hamburg
Derrin Horton (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 12 Noon ET LIVE
Sat. 4/15 Rhein at Amsterdam
Bob Wichusen (Play-by-Play), Jay Walker (Analyst) 4 p.m. ET
Mon. 4/17 Cologne at Berlin
Paul Burmeister (Play-by-Play), Butch Davis (Analyst) 12 Noon ET LIVE

Week 6 Sat. 4/22 Berlin at Frankfurt
Derrin Horton (Play-by-Play), Darren Sharper (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sat. 4/22 Amsterdam at Rhein
TBD (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET
Sun. 4/23 Hamburg at Cologne
Bob Wichusen (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 10 a.m. ET LIVE

Week 7 Sun. 4/30 Frankfurt at Cologne
Nick Halling (Play-by-Play), Darren Sharper (Analyst) 10 a.m. ET LIVE
Sun. 4/30 Amsterdam at Hamburg
TBD (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 4 p.m. ET
Sun. 4/30 Berlin at Rhein
Bob Wichusen (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET

Week 8 Sat. 5/6 Rhein at Frankfurt
Curt Menefee (Play-by-Play), Brian Baldinger (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sun. 5/7 Cologne at Amsterdam
TBD (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 9 a.m. ET LIVE
Sun. 5/7 Hamburg at Berlin
Ari Wolfe (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 3 p.m. ET

Week 9 Sun. 5/14 Rhein at Hamburg
Curt Menefee (Play-by-Play), Brian Baldinger (Analyst) 10 a.m. ET LIVE
Sun. 5/14 Amsterdam at Frankfurt
Paul Burmeister (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 4 p.m. ET
Sun. 5/14 Berlin at Cologne
Chris Carrino (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 8 p.m. ET

Week 10 Sat. 5/20 Cologne at Rhein
Curt Menefee (Play-by-Play), Brian Baldinger (Analyst) 1 p.m. ET LIVE
Sat. 5/20 Frankfurt at Berlin
Chris Carrino (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 5 p.m. ET
Sat. 5/20 Hamburg at Amsterdam
Ari Wolfe (Play-by-Play), TBD (Analyst) 9 p.m. ET

World Bowl Sat. 5/27 Yello Strom World Bowl XIV
Curt Menefee (Play-by-Play), Brian Baldinger (Analyst) 12 p.m. ET LIVE

NFL Europe broadcast teams announced