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    NFL draft: Caution flares

    [size=13pt]NFL draft: Caution flares[/size]

    When hot prospects go cold, it can be quite a painful tumble down the draft board. No one is feeling that pain more than former Gophers running back Gary Russell. The weight of his red flags could end up costing him a spot in the draft altogether.

    By Mark Craig, Star Tribune
    Last update: April 22, 2007 – 10:14 PM

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    Re: NFL draft: Caution flares

    i would be really surprised if he got drafted.. didnt he run like a 4.7 or something

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    Re: NFL draft: Caution flares

    I think it would be great if the Vikes were able to pick him up as a Rookie FA.
    Give him a tryout...he looked like a stud a couple of years ago.

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