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    NFL Considered CFL-Style Field for Safety Precautions

    As recently as a year ago, the competition committee kicked around the idea of a bigger field, CFL style. And this wasn’t the first time the committee has broached the subject. Perhaps the committee will broach the subject again when it meets in Indianapolis in advance of the combine.

    The Canadian field is 195 feet wide, compared to the 160-foot wide NFL field. The CFL field also is 30 yards longer, but the widening of the field is what really could impact safety regarding head injuries.
    Report: Competition committee looked at wider, CFL-style field -

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    Do that and you can say buh-bye to all offensive records. Imagine AP lining up against 11 guys on a field 40 feet wider.

    The thing is, CFL has 12 players, which sort of balances out the wider field aspect. Even still, CFL scores just as many, if not more points than NFL with fewer allowed downs.


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