"Marrdro" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
Giants by 10.

The Deadskins are in trouble.
The new HC has a bunch of old Vets he can't keep on the field.
Very little depth and what depth they do have is comprised of a few youngsters that don't really fit his scheme.

Long story short, no CAP, personnel that don't fit the scheme and no way to improve this team fast enough this year.

I look to see this team gutted at the end of this season.
Can we get a amen.......

All the Deadskins fans are wanting to jump off of bridges today.
Man I love it.

Didnt' even listen to Sirius on the way in, just listened to the local sports hacks crying over thier loss.

;D ;D ;D

Anyone catch how well JT did play LDE?

Anyone wonder why Smoot isn't considered a great CB?
Anyone want to wonder why they could only must something like 1 first down in the half and that was off of a roughing the kicker penalty?
Anyone want to say it was play calling and not player execution that makes the Skins suck?

Long story short, the Skins will go into full re-build mode at the end of this year, thier HC will be blamed for taking over a team and making it worse and all the fans will be calling for his head and calling him a yutz.
Sound familiar...... ;D

Eli still appears to have issues with accuracy or at least understanding what his WR's are gonna do.
That throw that hit Smoot (and the one to Rodgers) were because one of them didn't execute properly.
Jacobs looked good, however, he seems to get dinged a bit and misses games.
Didn't see much of Bradshaw, he will start to get reps when Jacobs gets hurt.

Anyway, the Giants should have dominated this team but they have issues of thier own.
When they face a team with a better defense and a offense that can move the ball they will be in trouble.
I know you love to hate on the hometown team, but I think you're being a little pessimistic here.

1. Taylor was okay.
Nothing special last night, but he wasn't terrible either.
2. No.
But then, Smoot wasn't supposed to be starting for them.
Springs should be back next week and Smoot will go back to covering the #3 receiver instead of the #1 guy.
3. They were playing soft early.
Getting beat up by the Giant's line.
Their QB wasn't making plays.
Maybe it was emotion for the Giants playing in front of a home crowd.
4. Yes, part of the reason the Skins weren't making plays is because of cowardly play calling.
I mentioned it before - you have to go for it on fourth down when the situation is right.
They also needed to open the playbook up a bit on first and second down.
Oh, and their clock management was terrible at the end of the game.

But I thought they played pretty well after the first quarter.
The defense really held the Giants in check from that point on.
If their DBs had any hands at all Eli would have thrown about four or five picks.

Not a special team, but I hardly think they're terrible just because they lost the first game.