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    Re: NFC Team Outlooks: 2006 Run/Pass Ratio Significance

    "V" wrote:
    This year will only be different if Childress changes his philosophy, which he refused to do last year.

    In our "pass-first" offense, our passing game looks to be average on paper at best. We have relied on experience to solve OL issues and youth
    to solve the WR problem. Peterson was a huge acquisition but if we don't run more it won't matter. I am a firm believer that if we run the same style of offense as we did last year we will suck again.

    So either we are going to run more or players like Johnson, Cook, Jacskson, and all of the WRs are going to overacheive. Running more is the safer bet.
    V, as always, great stuff.

    I don't think we really saw the KAO last year.
    Just not enough of the pieces in place to execute it.
    With the pieces we have added this year along with the a bit of familiarity/consistency that the returning guys will have I think we will start to see that scheme come to reality as the year wears on.

    With that said I for one think he will stick to the scheme.
    I only say that because I think that one pickup this year is gonna help us achieve a more consistent passing attack and that is Bobby Wade.

    He is quick off the line, knows how to get open, and can catch the ball.
    Of course he isn't gonna be a "Down the Field" threat but I think he will help us move the chains and give us some much needed yards after the catch.

    Oh by the Way, once he "Proves" himselft then Schank will start to have an impact as well.

    Again, just me hoping.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: NFC Team Outlooks: 2006 Run/Pass Ratio Significance

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "Billy" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "Billy" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:

    It seemed like the Vikings ran the ball more than that last year.
    Forget quickly.
    The rushing attempts were really sporadic last year. 14 one game 44 another.
    It tailed off at the end of the year too, when we stopped paying as much attention.
    Interesting strategies Chili.
    You go with whatever the defense is giving up. It changes from oponent to oponent.
    Definitely agree,
    but it doesn't apply here.

    Just a couple examples...
    We only rushed 16 times against the the Bills horrible run D and passed 44 against them.

    The game where we rushed 44 was against the Lions whos run defense is no better then their pass and rushed for 3.9 ypc as apposed to 4.1 on the season.

    Plus overall his playcalling didn't seem to work out too well.

    Of all the things I have defended Chili for, his playcalling is not one of them. You honestly can't tell me you approved of Childress' play calling last year can you.
    If in fact we can prove that all the plays he called were ran as they were designed/sent in instead of a significant amount being audibled out of or poorly executed, then I would say no.

    Do you honestly believe that every play that was executed as a check down pass to the back 3 yards short of the sticks was called by the coach?


    I think it is more accurate to say that I disagree with the teams overall execution of the offense vice what plays the coach might have called.

    What we can slight him for is making sure the team wasn't ready to execute the game plan.
    that might be the best way to have described it.
    just cuz the same problems continued to happen week in and week out and you have to hope they were trying to make some adjustments but they weren't translating to the field.
    so to blame playcalling single-handlely just doesn't hold much water.
    decision making and bringing practice to game day were the biggest issues.
    and maybe it was more a lack of talent then anything else, but this year that cannot be an excuse.

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