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    Re:NFC North Draft Grades In The Past Three Years

    Rockmolder wrote:
    I actually graded these, as well, after reading this article on the Packers forum I post at.

    I don't really disagree with Bucky's grade.


    1 - 16 - Justin Harrell - I love the pick. Had he stayed healthy, he would've been a steal at 16. So much potential. It's just that, you take a risk and it doesn't turn out, it's a bad pick. E
    2 - 63 - Brandon Jackson - Truly underrated as a complete 3rd down back. He can receive, block and run a screen with the best of them. He's injured quite often, though. B-
    3 - 78 - James Jones - I love the kid. It never hurts to have a bigger receiver on your team. One you can just throw the ball to and he'll go up and get it. The production doesn't match the potential, though, which is what holds this pick back from being an A-B. B-
    3 - 89 - Aaron Rouse - He looked like someone who could be the starter opposite of Collins and had a huge fanbase... Untill he actually had to take the field and everyone saw how stiff and mediocre he was. D
    4 - 119 - Allen Barbre - What an athletecism and potential for a tackle... Too bad he's awfull once gets onto the field. Maybe he'll fare better as a guard, but I seriously doubt that. D
    5 - 157 - David Clowney - He never actually played a game for the Packers. Got signed by the Jets in his rookie season. That's pretty much a wasted pick. F
    6 - 191 - Korey Hall - Solid contributer. I think that he'll be gone this year, but we got some decent years out of him. [b]C+[/]
    6 - 192 - Desmond Bishop - Good back-up. Plays with intensity. A lot of people actually want him to start. I'm not that high on him, but he surely was a good pick for a 6th round ILB. B
    6 - 193 - Mason Crosby - Crosby has been pretty decent. He had a horrible slump this year, missing one kick after another, but he has been solid and has a huge leg. B-
    7 - 228 - DeShawn Wynn - He keeps coming out as the best RB on the roster after training camp. And he keeps getting injured right after that. If it wasn't for his constant injuries, he might've gotten an A grade, but I guess we'll never know. Still solid for a 7th rounder. B
    7 - 243 - Clark Harris - Clark who? He didn't make the roster, either. Got signed by the Lions his rookie season. He still hasn't made a catch, but he did play in his first game last year. I'll cut TT some slack, because the kid's a late 7th rounder and he's actually still in the league. C-

    I can't give Ted a whole lot more than a D+ for this draft. If James starts playing up to his potential, Wynn and Jackon suddenly stay healthy, Barbre learns to block someone and/or Bishop is the godly player some people think he is, this grade might go up a little. But I wouldn't hold my breath.


    2 - 36 - Jordy Nelson - Jordy had a pretty promising rookie season. He didn't look quite that good after he got injured this year, though. The jury is still out on him. I'll just give him a grade for now. C
    2 - 56 - Brian Brohm - The product of a Louisville system that was build around him. He had everyone fooled, including a lot of GB fans. E-
    2 - 60 - Pat Lee - We really don't know a whole lot about Lee. He played sparringly last year and didn't play at all this year, due to injuries. Very physical guy and it's a question what he can do in zone. C-
    3 - 91 - Jermichael Finley - What a freak of nature. Throw a ball in his area and he'll catch it. Most of the time, he'll be wide open, anyway, but if he has to, he'll just pluck it away from defenders. Doesn't matter if their safeties, LBs or CBs. He's a match-up nightmare. He has to work on his blocking, but that's all. For a late 3rd rounder, this is an amazing pick. A+
    4 - 102 - Jeremy Thompson - I really thought that Thompson could do something special. He still might, but after an unimpressive rookie season and missing the entire 2009 season, his future remains uncertain. C-
    4 - 135 - Josh Sitton - What a steal. Sitton's horribly underrated. Mainly because no one actually notices guard play. He played on a Pro Bowl level this season. A
    5 - 150 - Breno Giacomini - Breno's trying to break the record for most inactives on gameday. He's been on the roster for 2 years and hasn't really done anything. D-
    7 - 209 - Matt Flynn - He has looked pretty good in pre-season. He didn't look to good when he got some time in the regular season, though. For a 7th rounder, I've been pleasently surprised. Just remember that Rodgers looked pretty bad in his first 2 season. B
    7 - 217 - Brett Swain - He looked like a special teams ace at the start of the season. He made some very smart and good plays before he blew his knee out. Good production for a 7th rounder. B

    I think that this draft was pretty succesfull. People often look at your first pick and, at first sight, Nelson - Brohm - Lee doesn't look too impressive. Nelson and Lee have a make or break year coming up. If you look a little further, you see the gems in this draft in Finley, Sitton and maybe even Flynn and Swain.

    Right now, I'll give it a B-


    1 - 9 - B.J. Raji - Some people are down on him because he couldn't beat Pickett. Problem is, Pickett has been amazing and horribly underrated. I truly believe that we have the best NT tandem in the league. Just look at the times that Raji is on the field. Every 3rd play he'll make some kind of impact play. Can't really give him a high grade yet, though. B
    1 - 26 - Clay Matthews - What a steal. I was a little worried when we traded up for him, I was scared that he might've been more of a 1 year wonder. Man, was I wrong. I would love to see him bulk up and add some moves to get to the QB, instead of relying on purely speed and a high motor. He's one promising prospect, though. A
    4 - 109 - T.J. Lang - Looks like the real deal. He actually held his own against some good pass rushers. I believe that he's our future at RT. B+
    5 - 145 - Quinn Johnson - An absolutely punishing run blocker. He isn't as polished in the passing game, though. I think that he'll make the roster this year and should be a force to be reckoned with. C+
    5 - 162 - Jamon Meredith - We passed on Duke Robinson, who had a 2nd round grade, to draft Meredith. Then we put him on the PS and let the Bills take him from us. F
    6 - 182 - Jarius Wynn - Really not that much to say about Wynn. He wasn't impactful when on the field, but he didn't make any dumb mistakes, either. I really don't know what kind of grade to give this kid. ?
    6 - 187 - Brandon Underwood - He was raw this year. As expected from a 6th rounder. I really think that he has some potential, though. I think that he might come out as the dime CB this year behind Woodson, Harris and Williams. If he can add some muscle to that lanky frame, he might be playing in GB for a long time. Maybe even as a starter, eventually. B
    7 - 218 - Brad Jones - Jones made a huge impact this year. Especially for a 7th rounder. He lost at the point of attack pretty often, but he has some room to bulk up, get a little stronger and really become a force in the pass rushing department. An absolute steal in the 7th round. A+

    You can't really grade last years draft yet. If I'd have to give it a grade, though, it'd be a A-. When we look back at this draft in a year or 4, I think that that grade might've become an A+.
    I agree with you, you can't just look at rounds one & two. And I was also taking into account the previous two drafts. I know they said three years but if you go back five years you have a solid football team. You would add in people like AR, Collins & Hawk some really good names!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Re:NFC North Draft Grades In The Past Three Years

    I think we have to have the highest grade of the division because of the success in 2007. AP and Rice. Both steals when we got them in the draft. This is how to build a great team, not suck in the draft.
    We're bringing purple back.

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