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Thread: NFC gone wild

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    Re: NFC gone wild

    WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

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    Re: NFC gone wild

    i would love a semi-repeat of 2004, when green bay won both games and in the playoffs, they got spanked. if they make and get a shot at the bears all i want is a win. if they lose the next week so be it(as long as it isn't the SB) i just want the bears sent packing

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    Re: NFC gone wild

    "bearitall" wrote:
    "MaddenVodkaAddict" wrote:
    I love wild cards, even more so than division titles.
    I agree completely!! Anything can happen with the wild card...the underdog could pull ahead.
    I saw someone post elsewhere that everyone gets a new beginning 0-0.

    GO VIKES!!!
    I cannot say I love Wild Cards ... means you do not get to play at home a single time (unless the 5 and 6 get to the conference championship, which has never happened)
    Sure the Steelers pulled it off last year and some other non home teams have made some magic, but give me a division title and give me a home game ...
    And oh yeah ...

    GO VIKES GO!!!!

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    Re: NFC gone wild

    "WVV" wrote:
    WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!
    [img width=210 height=210][/img]
    The best part of my day is when I get down on my knees, with my head in my hands, and thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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