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    The Next Cris Carter???????

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    I think they use him wrong. He is like Harrison in size. He is quick. He would be a good possession receiver. We always use him for the deep ball.

    Honestly, I don't think he catches the ball as well as other WRs on the team.

    I have heard comments that Tice has made and I don't think that Tice thinks that Campbell is attempting to reach his potential. I know that Moss has helped Campbell with tips. They were room mates in Camp and they may be room mates on the road. We will see how he progresses. I still like Burleson over Campbell.

    Tice has opted Burly over Camp as Punt Return.
    He would rather have Moore and Smith on the Kick Offs.

    We have had him for 3 years. He needs to improve over the offseason or he may not have a spot on the team next year. We will see. He still hasn't found his nitch on the team. While Moss was out he had an opportunity to shine a bit more than he did.
    He is shorter than harrison though, which makes a difference in short routes, he can't use his body to shield defenders from the ball. Campbell still needs to work on his hands, and I am pretty sure he would die if he was hit by someone like Ray Lewis.
    Maybe Little Leo Lewis needs to have a little man-to-little man talk with him about maximizing his potential...Lord knows that Little Leo did all he could to be an asset to the Viking teams that he played on!

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    The Next Cris Carter???????

    Anyone under 6 feet is at the same disadvantage.

    Vertical jump is important but they don't put that on player profile do they.

    Usually the smaller WRs get to play becasuse they are quicker and slippery.

    Harrison is not much taller than Campbell if any.
    I know that the Harrison is listed as 6-0 but I don't believe it. Campbell is listed as 5-10.

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    The Next Cris Carter???????

    burleson also reminds of CC

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    The Next Cris Carter???????

    hey snow......if you get back to this topic i didnt mean any thing negative about N8, i wanted tice to draft him. he COULD turn out to be like CC, and yes i think CC was the greatest!!!! how can i not? he was a buckeye and a Vike. and one of the best at both places!!! my fav catch of his was a overtime or late game 50 or 60 yd catch and run to win the game against chicago. dont remember exactly what year that was, but i must have jumped around for twenty minutes, lol!!!!
    ps.....your sig is very cool...can you make me something like that?

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    The Next Cris Carter???????

    Harrison is a helluva better route runner than Campbell, better hands, awareness etc.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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