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    New Pre-game rule

    No, the NFL didn't make it illegal for Bradshaw to open his mouth on network TV, but I hope they're working on it.

    Instead, they made it possible for a team to get a personal foul before the game even starts. This is in reaction to the fight between Trotter and Mathis last Monday night.

    In the wake of the Eagles-Falcons pre-game scuffle last Monday night, the National Football League has instituted a "neutral zone" for pregame warmups, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Monday.

    The league has notified all of its clubs there is now a 10-yard neutral zone between the 45-yard lines for all pregame warmups.

    Game officials will be situated in this neutral zone to police it. No players, expect for punters and kickers, are allowed in the 10-yard neutral zone. Any other player who enters the neutral zone will be warned; if the player remains or re-enters the zone after that, he will be subject to a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that his team would endure at the start of the game.

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    Re: New Pre-game rule

    This is going to lead to several brawls between opposing teams kickers and punters. Good thing we don't play the Raiders this year, I think Janiskowski would kill Edinger.

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    Re: New Pre-game rule

    We got ourselves a big punter maybe he can break a leg or two!!
    Not his own either!!!

    Knock knock knock!!!
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