As for trying to tell me what this thread is about and what or what not to consider I can only laugh. In fact you helped evolve this thread into a vick fest.

That is horrible logic. Who is saying he is a good passer??????? NO ONE! Does he still win games as a starting QB? YES. Check his win percentage as a full time starter

I checked his percentage it isn't that great. Better then when he is out?? Sure because they have no one else. GREAT SPECTACULAR AMAZING not in the least. Unheard of in Falcon history no. I don't think he's rated by anyone so I say isn't overrated everyone knows he is crap.

If we had no DC would you want him on your team? I sure as hell wouldn't.

You say in one of your posts "Who is saying he is a good passer?" LMAFAO he is the QB he is supposed to be a good passer. Otherwise move his ass to RB.