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    Prophet Guest

    Moss, greatest of all time?

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    "And yes, it is a very premature statement."

    Haven't you heard Mike Williams is the best ever. Jeeze....he is better then sliced bread. His sweat is used to cure cancer....his crap smells like lilacs, no one can cover him.

    He has go go gadget arms and go go gadget feet. He is built like a mack truck and runs like a Gazelle. Moss could only wish to be a mole on Mike Williams. He is perfect in every sense of the word.

    No Moss isn't the best ever. I doubt he will be either. Every name in the history books I'm talking big time names were people who worked harder then anyone else and respected it. He has attitude problems I would be very surprised if he goes down as the best ever.

    I think he could if he stayed healthy and played in the right schemes, but I think his attitude will be his downfall.

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    He could be the G.O.A.T. some day...or he could just be a goat! LOL

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    I'm worried that after this article, and the article in the new SI Vikes fans will start to get ex-girlfriend syndrome, where you get a few months down the road after you break up, forget about how miserable you were, and only remember the good times. I think with all of the good, or just plain non-negative publicity going on with Moss right now it would be easy to feel that way about the Moss trade. I just hope those that supported the trade (myself being one) don't start to regret it. I don't, but sometimes I have to remind myself of the multiple reasons I felt he had to go.

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    Pigskin Bigs Guest

    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    I agree. I think about the great things he has done, but I do believe we have more of a TEAM now and I think that many Viking fans feel the same way. Not too many can put up the big plays and numbers he put up, but not too many can be a bigger jerk at times either.

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    He may go down as the most talented ever. But I think we all agree that talent isn't everything. If you could put the dedication of Jerry Rice and the talent of Randy Moss into one person, his stats would be untouchable during our lifetimes.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    The article is stating that Moss may be the greatest receiver of all time, not the nicest person or the greatest orator off all time, so when you stop and look strictly at the skills he has, it is a very arguable point. Sure Jerry Rice was a great guy, with great defenses his whole career, I would be willing to bet if Red had sprung on a defense over the last 5 years Randy would still be out jumping guys wearing his purple 84 jersey! also if Jerry doesn't retire soon he'll damage his legacy a little bit, as it is sad to watch a legend be a decoy! I believe randy could be the best of all time, time will tell. Believe it or not I do not mind the trade, I feel we have a better core now and I believe we are a better team now, then we were when the '04' season ended. I will miss those catches though, good luck Randy!

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    Moss in my biased opinion is the best of all time. Hes made some of the best plays/catches of all time for WRs and he also dominated like very few have, even as a rookie. Although I dont think he will ever put up the best #s of all time because he will more than likely retire in 4-5 years. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    Would any of you have traded Jerry Rice after 8 years in the NFL? HELL NO! So to compare the two is not the same. Granted Moss is probably the greatest WR currently but he is not and will never be the greatest of all-time. One of the biggest things about being great is earning respect, and Moss just does not do that.

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Moss, greatest of all time?

    Quote: "If people could separate the player from the person, it'd be easier to appreciate Moss' place in history."

    That is the most sensible thing I've ever heard about Moss, I wish I'd of come up with it. That's what I've tried to explain in couple hundred posts, just couldn't find the words.

    Everyone that hates him act like they're mad because he's not your best friend. Me, I don't care. I could care less what a player is like to the media or if he signs autographs or not. I enjoy watching him play for 60 minutes of football a week, that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

    He has "asked" for his "space" in Oakland, and he's already being slammed. He told the media straight out that he's just here to all means, let him work!

    "SKOL" - I have to touch on this as well. What in the world makes you believe that Moss is not "dedicated"? The guy works as hard as anyone on the team. Moss has even questioned his teammates dedication. After a loss, his teammates would just talk about what club they're going to that evening.

    "Ex Girlfriend Syndrome"*t, I still can't believe the Beotch left me!!! lol.

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