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    Money at the heart of so many matters

    [size=12pt]Money at the heart of so many matters[/size]
    By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
    Sep 1, 3:05 am EDT

    Former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle had a seemingly simple, yet vastly impossible dream during his 29-year run as the leader of America’s biggest sport.

    Just once, Rozelle hoped, an entire offseason and even a regular season would go by without money being mentioned prominently in association with his sport. Rozelle might have had better luck trying to book Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny together for three nights at the Rainbow Room.

    Money is as old to the landscape of the NFL as it is to the fabric of society in general, with Red Grange galloping into New York on a barnstorming tour in the 1920s or George Halas prying Columbia graduate and future Hall of Fame quarterback Sid Luckman away from a sales job in 1939 with a then-record $5,500 annual salary...
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    Re: Money at the heart of so many matters

    I like money too.

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    Re: Money at the heart of so many matters

    For the money or for the fame?
    We're bringing purple back.

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