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Thread: Mike Tice

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    Mike Tice

    Tice getting props from the offense in Jacksonville. I like Tice and good to see he is having success

    From Monday Morning QB,

    Coach of the Week

    Mike Tice, assistant head coach/offense, Jacksonville. "I can't say enough about coach Tice,' Fred Taylor said after the 44-17 win over Indy. "He has something for us every week that helps us win. We're so glad he's around.' In consecutive weeks, with the Jags' playoff hopes on life support, Tice has juiced the running game. Two routs have resulted.

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    Re: Mike Tice

    I don't mind Mike Tice as a offesive coach, I just don't think he is HC material.. When Denny Green was here, and Tice was one of his assistants, I liked him alot.. Now I know this would have never of happened, but if we could have kept Tice as our OC, we would be doing much better right now..

    I miss the days of Scott Linehan here in Minnesota.. I liked the all out passing attack that we had for so many years.. When you have guys like Cris Carter, Randy moss, Jake Reed, and others, it is easy to have a passing attack.. Tice is doing good things for Jacksonville's offense, that is nice to see...

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    Re: Mike Tice

    Let's bring him back.

    I didn't think he was a bad coach, just a bad HC.

    Maybe he will get another shot somewhere down the road.

    He has been part of many jokes here, no hard feeling, good luck to Mike.

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    Re: Mike Tice

    I'm really happy for him. He did what he could for us with what little he was given by Red. I am really happy to hear he is finding himself in Jacksonville. Thanks for posting this.
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    Re: Mike Tice

    Even though I like tossing in Meathead comments, the guy is likable.
    He wasn't prepared to be an HC when he took over the reigns in Minnesota though.
    It still amazes me that Redneck McCombs was so tight that he let the interim guy get on-the-job training for half a decade while he took a talented team and hovered around 0.500.
    He may be a good HC someday if he is ever given the chance again, but I wouldn not bank on it.
    He does a great job in the supporting roles on the coaching staff though.
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    Re: Mike Tice

    I like him as a person, but he didn't float my boat as a Head Coach. ;D
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    Re: Mike Tice

    Mike Tice is an easy target to make fun of....he is a giant of a man with the vocabulary and public speaking ability of the cavemen in the Geico commercials!

    The players liked playing for Mike Tice.....
    As a rookie headcoach he made some big mistakes on individual accountability....which hopefully he learned from if he ever gets another HC'ing opportunity.

    I would have like to have seen what he could do if he wasnt working for the cheapest SOB owner on the planet.
    Bill Parcells would not have had a chance with that coaching budget....let alone a rookie coach!

    A rookie coach needs to be able to surround himself with talented assistants...Redneck McCombs was not going to allow that to happen.

    I know Viking fans became frustrated with Tice....but I for one wont throw him completely under the bus...because I never felt that he had a chance to succeed as long as the cheapest Billionaire in pro sports owned the team.
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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