View Poll Results: Which Vikings players are the best at their position midway through the 2011 season?

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    Midseason All-Star Team

    I made this thread in part to make fun of Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network. Just take a look at his all-star team!

    Yup, that's right! No Adrian Peterson and no Jared Allen. He does not even mention them. I just can't see how you can ignore NFL's best running back of the last 5 years or so and the NFL's sack leader who, by many people, is claimed as the league MVP if it wasn't for Aaron Rodgers.

    Like some other guys mentioned in another thread; every year it seems to be a "this guy is better than Adrian Peterson" discussion. Tomlinson, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, and this year it's either LeSean McCoy or Matt Forte. Do these people ever learn? Ask the players themselves and they will tell you that Peterson is the most feared RB in the league. Teams game plan for Adrian more than any other RB's.

    You can't even go with the "... but this is right now"-arguement. Adrian led the league in rushing yards going into his bye-week and is still leading the league in rushing TD's. The is Adrian's team and he runs the show here. LeSean McCoy has it much easier in Philadelphia where teams game plan mostly for Vick. Adrian is "Batman" in Minny while LeSean is "Robin" in Philadelphia.

    Not picking Jared Allen is perhaps even more outrageous. Many experts says he's the defensive MVP this year, but Lombardi does not even have him as the best DE. Jared Allen has been a raw beast this year and the stats does not lie. The numbers says he's the best defensive end in the NFL and he's having the best season of his life, hell, you could argue that he's having the best season ANY defensive end has EVER had. He's on pace to not only break the single season sack record, but DESTROY it.

    So Lombardi... We are not getting it done as a team, but at least give us the little individual credits (when credit is due!).

    Oh... and the rest of the team is pretty awful too... Patrick Peterson as the best cornerback.... really?

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    I might note he also has:

    LT as starting RT (Jason Peters and Jake Long are his tackles)
    Demarcus Ware as DE (yes, his skillset is more of a DE than a traditional OLB, but play him to his position.

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    Eh I guess I don't really have a problem with not having either of them on it. I would take AP over anyone in the league but Forte and McCoy are having better years than him. Well, McCoy is having the best year IMO. Same TDs as AP, more yards, better average, better year. Doesn't matter if he's on a better team or not. That isn't a factor in choosing who is playing the best.

    I can live with the JA snub too. He went with a 4-3 defense and in a 4-3 Demarcus Ware would play DE. And this guy thinks that Ware is playing better than Allen. He's only a half sack behind Allen and is just coming off a 4 sack game. So you can take that as Allen has been more consistent over the year or that Ware is just warming up. Either way, there are cases for all of them.

    If you take off your purple glasses (and I had to for this) then they aren't horrible selections. The worse snub IMO is taking Forte over McCoy.
    I am NOT here to provide good football insight or rational observations. I am an emotional 19 year old Viking fan and I expect you to adjust your expectations from my posts.

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