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    Michael Oher & Dwight Freeney

    Anyone who read the Blind Side probably thought the last chapter where Oher tells a friend while he is at Ole Miss that he thinks he is rady for the NFL and wants to take on Dwight Freeney of the Colts.

    Freeney is told the story about Oher and his story and stats. The last lines fromthe book:

    As he listened to the biography of Michael Oher, his expression changed, he was not longer smiling.

    "Whats his name again?" he asked.

    "Michael Oher"

    "You tell Michael Oher I'll be waiting for him," he said and walked into the dressing room.

    And now they meet in the play-offs, this is great

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    Re:Michael Oher & Dwight Freeney

    Cool story, but I think his coaches are smart enough to give him a lot of help v. Freeney.
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