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    Re:McNabb to the Rams on the table

    And this is why the Rams need a quarterback:
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:McNabb to the Rams on the table

    gregair13 wrote:
    gamecock_fo_life wrote:
    is it really necessary to quote in every single post?...sry, just bugs me..makes it a hassle to read on the phone or just in general
    In short, the answer is yes. Get used to it.
    I think the general concensus on here is that as long as it continues with the flow so that everyone can follow the discussion without reading several pages of posts, yes you keep quoting.

    If, however, someone goes off on a seperate tangent, then you snip and start over.

    My recommendation, quit reading it on a phone.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:McNabb to the Rams on the table

    I don't think McNabb will sign a long term deal with a bad team so he won't end up being traded to St. Louis, Cleveland or Oakland.

    But I could see Arizona taking a shot at him.

    If he doesn't get traded and we have Farve this year then look for McNabb to sign with the Vikes as a FA next year.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re:McNabb to the Rams on the table

    Marrdro wrote:
    vikinggreg wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    jmcdon00 wrote:
    Rockmolder wrote:
    This'd change the entire draft. All of a sudden, the Buccaneers could find themselfs without a DT again. Teams will try to break into the top 3 picks, to snatch Bradford, before the Redskins get a shot at him.

    I like this trade for the Rams. That team is not as far away as they appear to be. At least on offense. The irony is that Donovan will go right back to the start. He finally gets a good WR group and gets thrown onto a team that has no real nr. 1.

    Otogwe wll be a good addition to the Eagles' DB group. The 33th pick will allow them to get some good talent. Part of me is hoping that the Eagles will fail now, just to let the asswhipe fans know how good McNabb was. The ones that kept on booing him.
    +1, Those ungrateful fans deserve a few years at the bottom to show them how lucky they were.
    Kinda like a certain other team had to go through a similar process after trading their franchise QB.

    I'm not sure this would mean that the Rams are out of the running for Bradford though. McNabb isn't getting any younger and Bradford can learn from the bench. Talk about a great mentor.
    What none of the talking heads have said yet in all of this, maybe, just maybe the Rams have a 2nd or 3rd option with respect to getting a VET.

    If one looks at it, the next one inline that fix the scheme is TJ.

    If someone outbids the Rams, do they then offer TJ a job?

    By the way, you don't take a Bradford at number 1 and not play him. I think this is a clear indicator that he hasn't checked out medically, at least medically enough to warrant that high of a pick.
    Or Vick or Campbell or Clemens.

    I'm just wondering if Jackson has Daunte Culpepper for an now agent with the lack of interest in him around the league other than the Vikes 3rd round tender. The Seahawks could have gotten Jackson cheaper than Whitehurst and Elvis sighting are more frequent than a Jackson rumor.
    I'll give ya Clemens, however, I don't think Campbell and Vick are cats that are suited to run it.

    As to TJ, I wouldn't think he would garner alot of interest right now. Lets see what happens after the draft or a week or so leading up to it.
    The deadline for a restricted free agent to sign an offer sheet from another club is April 15. If the RFA has not signed an offer sheet by that date, his 2010 NFL rights will revert exclusively to his 2009 team.
    The week (April 15th) before the draft Jackson will be a Viking for a year unless they trade him, his chance for signing outside offers ends at that time.

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