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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    You know..I'm tired of the TO McNabb story. It's stupid at this point. You don't see Garcia crying.

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "gregair13" wrote:

    In November, responding to a question from Michael Irvin during an ESPN interview, Owens said Philadelphia would likely be in a better situation if Brett Favre was the quarterback instead of the banged-up McNabb.
    What if Rush Limbaugh would have said the same thing?
    The media would be blasting him just like they did before!

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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    I agree with some of you that McNabb is a dolt. How many "race" related things has McNabbgotten in to within the last few years? Didn't that Rush Limbaugh (sp?) dude get fired because of some comment that McNabb reacted to?

    I totally agree with the NCAAP guy. The race card was not required. Favre is a frickin hall of famer who is playing right now. Why the hell not use him as an example? Besides, Vick can't throw, Culpepper can't read defenses (yet. Wait for 2006!), Leftwitch can't do anything and McNair is on the downside of his career. Does that make me racist?

    Sheesh, what an @$$.
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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    When I first read the quote from McNabb (A couple days ago), I didn't see it as pulling the race card...I saw it as a stupid comment to make. Black-on-black crime?!?!?!? I thought, "Does McNabb really think that a few wayward comments about him rate up there with a crime?"

    Now the NAACP is involved...that's JUST what we need.

    T-Hoe screwed up big time...but it wasn't with his comment about Favre. Someone asked his opinion, he gave it. Sure, it wasn't the smartest thing to say, but it also wasn't originally an indictment of McNabb. Remember that at the time of the original quote, McNabb was beat up and not playing all that well. So, under those circumstances, Joey Harrington or Akili Smith might have been better than McNabb.

    What rubs me wrong about this is the timing. Sure, the Media is bored...and everyone knows how I feel about the media...but McNabb should have seen this comming. The correct response to that question should have been, "It's in the past. I'm just looking forward to next season".

    But McNabb had to open mouth/insert foot. In short, he pulled a T-Hoe.

    All McNabb did by making that comment was fan a long dead flame and alienate a lot of people who had previously backed him.

    FOR THE RECORD: I didn't have a problem with Limbaugh's comment. I sort of agreed with it. I DO believe that the racial issue has had so much focus placed upon it that IT - and not the "ability issue" - is driving far too many media questioning lines. Just take a look at the media's response to the hiring of all white head coaches this year for proof.

    What was wrong with Limbaugh's comment was that he backed down from it and gave his accusers credibility by doing so. Had he stood firm and supported his comment with statistical facts, he would have ruffled some feathers, but it wouldn't have been bearly as bad as it was. Once he backpeddaled, his critics smelled blood in the water and WHAM!! Then, out came the prescription drug issues. It all snowballed.

    But, was he WRONG? Is McNabb really a GREAT Quarterback? Not in my opinion...not yet. We don't have any "GREAT" Quarterbacks right now. Peyton Manning comes close, but chokes in big games. Tom Brady maybe...but let's see him once that super-team he's had for years starts to erode away through free-agency. Culpepper lacks consistancy. McNabb chokes in the big ones too.

    Who's left?

    So, back to the topic, McNabb's comment was stupid. The truth is, at the time of T-Hoes original comment, the eagles WOULD have done better if Favre was there. Is it racist to point that out? Not when it's true. But I find it incredibly offensive that in order to criticize McNabb, you must first run your comparrison through the list of black QB's. What complete and utter cow puckey.

    McNabb ticked me off so badly, I may start boycotting soup!


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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    The only soup he will endorse soon will be:

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    Re: McNabb calls T.O. a Racist...

    i think it's so dumb for mcnab to bring racisim into it; dang always gotta bring racisim into everythng; just like my friend is a security guard at the D.E.C.C. and some fool said my friend was racist cause he made this guy leave after being warned 4 times to stop harassing people, stop throwing stuff and stop yelling inappropriate things at the cheerleaders.
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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