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Look what one great spark can do for a team . . . 1998 Vikings.

Great pick up.
The 1998 Vikings were a far cry from the 2007 Lions.

Look at what the 98 Vikes had to build upon.
In 1997 the Vikes went 9-7, made the playoffs (for the fifth time in six years) and beat the NYG in the playoffs.
1997 was also the year of the famed Brad Johnson to Brad Johnson TD pass.
In 1998,
Cunningham came in and had his best season ever in the NFL.
Robert Smith and Cris Carter were at the top of their game.
And then we added Randy Moss.

Now look at what the 2007 Lions are build upon. The Lions finished 3-13.
They didn't play in the post season, for the seventh straight year.
Their biggest offensive star was Kitna.
The only thing they added was CJ.

Sorry, but that isn't enough spark to ignite anything.
They would have been better with the #17, a pair of seconds, and a third (not to mention next year's picks).
That is a good point, but then look back to when Martz came to St Louis with Vermiel. They did not have a good year the year before and the talent on offense was young and fairly unknown and they put together an offense with a stockboy for QB that pretty much set the scoreboard on fire. I know Martz was only a part of that process but he has been given credit for much of it and it is possible that he could pull something like that off in Detroit too. I sure as hell hope not but stranger things have happened.
im from stlouis, and i saw just how pathetic that football team was from the time they moved from la, to the superbowl victory..people can say all they want about mike martz, but the truth is, the man is one of the greatest offensive minds this game has ever seen..he wasted timeouts, and couldnt manage games as a head coach, but as an offensive co-ordinator, its hard to find 3 guys in the history of the game that utilized talent as well as he did on that side of the ball..he had a huge role in the personnel moves (even when vermiel was there) that led much of the rams success a few years ago

as for what sleepagent said, the 1998 vikings were a team that was 1 or 2 players away from contending when they drafted moss..the lions however are an entire offensive line, rb, qb, fb, te, entire defense, and a general manager away from doing anything