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    Matt Hasselback out 2-4 weeks

    A knee injury will cost Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck two to four weeks. The NFL network reports Hasselbeck is expected to miss that much time because of a grade two sprain of the medial collateral ligament in his right knee. He sustained the injury during the third quarter of Sunday's loss to the Vikings.
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    Re: Matt Hasselback out 2-4 weeks

    Yeah, I saw the replay, ouch!! Did you see the hit Peyton Manning took.....dang!!! The guy got bent backwards by one defensive player and some other guy wrapped his arm around Peyton's neck!!

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    Re: Matt Hasselback out 2-4 weeks

    Good i really am glad that hes not hurt seriously (but we still would have won even if he continued playing

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    Re: Matt Hasselback out 2-4 weeks

    that sucks. you never like to see a player get hurt (except favre, but i digress), esp. a QB b/c now you know the Seahawk's season is done.

    reminded my a lot of the Carson Palmer injury where both tacklers just kinda rolled into the QB's. at least hasselbeck isn't out for the year

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    Re: Matt Hasselback out 2-4 weeks

    A sprained MCL is painful, but doesn't require surgery, which is good.
    I am glad he is not seriously hurt.
    I never like to see injuries, regardless of what team the player is playing for.
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