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    Mathis Gets $12 Million Guaranteed

    [size=16px]MATHIS GETS $12 MILLION GUARANTEED[/size]

    By Mike Florio

    When's Len Pasquarelli broke the news that the Colts have signed defensive end Robert Mathis to a long-term extension but likewise said that the financial details are not available, we assumed that the deal wasn't a very good one for the player. After all, the agent is Hadley Englehard, who was once so cozy with Len that he got busted for disclosing to the P-man Englehard's password to the proprietary portions of the NFLPA's web site. So if, we concluded, Len doesn't have the numbers it's because Hadley didn't want to talk about the numbers. And agents typically love to talk about numbers when they think the player got a great deal; conversely, they got quieter than a convent screening of the The Aristocrats if/when a deal isn't so good.

    Though Len for some reason couldn't pry the numbers out of his pal Hadley, we've been told by a league source that, under the deal, Mathis will get $12 million in guaranteed money. Of that amount, $8.1 million will be paid out as a signing bonus, and $3.9 million comes in the form of a March 2007 roster bonus that is fully guaranteed in the event of injury.

    The total deal, we're told, is worth $30 million over five years.

    Mathis was a fifth-round draft choice in 2003. He'd previously signed a one-year, $2.1 million contract as a restricted free agent.

    And before we get a bunch of e-mails from readers (to which our response will be "go f--k your mother") questioning how the Colts keep finding ways to give money to every quality player on the team (except, of course, Edgerrin James), keep in mind that the franchise was forced to speedily re-do the contracts of Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning when a cap-cutting device in their contracts was found to be invalid not long before teams would have been required to get under a salary cap that was expected at the time to be only (only?) $95 million. Once the CBA was extended, the cap jumped to $102 million, and the Colts also had the extra space that they'd cleared in order to get under the lower number.
    Well done him I say. It's good to see a 5th round pick coming good and getting paid.

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    Re: Mathis Gets $12 Million Guaranteed

    If you can get the Quaterback in the NFL your ganna make alot of money.

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    Re: Mathis Gets $12 Million Guaranteed

    damn, good for him =)

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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