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    Martz: Lions 'absolutely fired me'

    [size=13pt]Martz: Lions 'absolutely fired me' [/size]

    Friday, February 22, 2008
    By Tom Kowalski

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Mike Martz preferred to talk about his new job with the San Francisco 49ers and kept trying to steer the conversation that way, but with some persistent questioning he did drop a few interesting nuggets of information about his former team, the Detroit Lions....

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    Re: Martz: Lions 'absolutely fired me'

    Stop firing coaches and get rid of the real problem --- Millen

    ...oh wait they're in our division, nvm

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    Re: Martz: Lions 'absolutely fired me'

    Martz is one of the self professed experts that is being further exposed as the hack he really is.
    It is surprising that Millen is still around, he must have something on the Ford's.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Martz: Lions 'absolutely fired me'

    Martz just implemented a timing system that worked very well with the talent he had

    He has not been able to adjust his schemes to complement other styles of players

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