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    Maroney and more

    I know most of you guys like myself don't care about the Pats and are tired of hearing about them - but im a fan of Laurence Maroney, being he's from the U of M, so here from

    "Running back Laurence Maroney is not being handed the starting job, but as Brady said, "He has better hands than first believed, he has a great combination of size and speed and there is a role for him to play." Of course, the team leader was quick to mention Corey Dillon is finally healthy and very difficult to unseat as the top back. At practice, the fan crowd of close to 5,000 roared when Maroney ran over a linebacker and scored. Moments later, Dillon gashed the defense for a score in the 9-7 drill. Finally, it seems Bill Belichick has a nice problem at the running back position. Don't be surprised if Belichick comes up with ways to get both of them on the field"

    full article:

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    Re: Maroney and more

    I read that article this morning, good to see Maroney's adapting to life in the NFL. I wanted the Vikes to take him if we didn't take a linebacker in the first round.

    I want him to play as much as possible this year because he's one of my back-up running backs on my fantasy team!

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    Re: Maroney and more

    Maroney is sweet.. Glad he is doing the right thing.. I hope he gets to start this year.. Expecially at the dome! The kid will get cheered hardcore there

    Benet i'm with ya man.. I wanted to draft Maroney also.. Except I wantd him before a LB becuase there was a ton of LB's in this draft

    One Love

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    Re: Maroney and more

    F*** the Patsies!!!

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    Re: Maroney and more

    well i hope maroney does good..... why didnt we pick him up?
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