"V" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
LOL, I was a taken back a bit when he said that my freind.
Gets back to the whole discussion of why most fans gravitate to the QB, WR's and RB's.

I on the other hand love the DL, OL, LB'rs much much more.
Love to see Sanchez put his hand in the dirt and get to a QB when a T and FB or TE are trying to stop him from doing it.

Player I would love to be (other than a S) is a Center.

Gotta know more about the playbook than the QB as you need to know all the line responsibilities and be able to adjust thier blocking assignments based on the QB's line call as well as have a gol 'darnit good working knowledge about what each and every defense is gonna do to you week in and week out.

In short, bigger and stronger and just as important as the QB.... ;D
Not True. A good QB understands the line assignments as well and thus will know where to expect pressure from if there is a blitz.The QB's initial line which the center bases his line call off of is dependent on that. A QB also has to have working knowledge of what the defense will do to you week in and week out, but the QB has ti understand the secondary coverages as well.
Never ever ever ever will you get me to admit that a whimpy ass QB has more to do than a C my friend.....NEVER.