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    Mariucci critical of Millen

    [size=13pt]Return to coaching a possibility[/size]

    By KURT MENSCHING, Journal Sports Writer
    POSTED: June 27, 2008

    While he remains friends with some members of the Lions' organization and hopes they win, Mariucci got in a slight jab at Matt Millen, the team's general manager who fired him.

    "Matt Millen has changed 58 coaches already, and he's now finally changing players," Mariucci said. "Sure I've stayed in touch with some of them and some of the coaches, and on occasion Bill Ford Jr. - I respect the heck out of Bill, he'll take that team over some day."
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    Re: Mariucci critical of Millen

    Ha, insulting Matt Millen is like calling a banana yellow. He's proven his worth... absolutely nothing.
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