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    Making Sense of the New CBA Rules

    Pretty good job of summing up this stinky pile of pooh!

    So, basically, we can NOT sign any guys whose contracts have expired naturally, AND have at least 6 years experience, unless we lose a FA to a similar contract.

    We Can sign any younger players, with under 6 years experience who are RFA, whether they were tendered or not, and we can sign any players whose contracts were terminated by their former team. So, we can sign a guy like Richard Marshall and give up a 2nd round pick. We can also sign a guy like Darren Sproles who did not recieve a tender without giving anything up! And, we can also sign guys like Westbrook, LT, or Thomas Jones...since their contracts were cut.

    Is it just me, or are these limited restrictions extremely silly!?!?? All in all, I'm no longer worried, I think we're going to make something good happen!

    Basically, we can let Chester sign elsewhere, opening up the FA door, and replace him with one of those other vets without penalty. Then, we can take that 5 or so mill/year that CT gets and apply it to OL or DT or CB depth as needed...IF we don't find what we wanted on the RFA or cut lists!
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    Re:Making Sense of the New CBA Rules

    NFC North: Free-agency primer

    Recap of the NFC North by Seifert.
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    Re: Making Sense of the New CBA Rules

    You are right, these resrtictions are different - but they are designed to force parity in uncapped years. I actually like the restrictions, and think that if we went ahead with them for a longer period of time, it would make for some very interesting dynamics among teams. It would end up IMHO a lot more like the 70's, when a player tended to stay with his team for a career.

    But this is likely only going to be a one year thing, so it sucks to be one of the teams that get smacked with it for one year. Luckily, we have pretty much all the pieces in place, and don't need to make a big splash in FA.
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