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    Make the NFL Playoff predictions

    Well here's mine. The intention is to

    A)respond to the probability of mine and if you think its impossible someone makes it or whatever

    B) Make your own results

    The following will win the division in the NFC

    NFC West-
    Seattle Seahawks- When you win the division when former MVP Shaun Alexander, star Left Tackle and pro bowler quarterback Hassellbeck are out for almost half the season how can you say that the healthy Seahawks wont be dominent.

    NFC North
    Chicago Bears- They will suck and barely win the division because there in the weakest division in the NFL. Green Bay will suck. Brett Favre will be even more down hill.
    Lose ahman Green. Starting a 2nd round rookie. Then Detroit is well Detroit and us may come closest but not do it.

    NFC South
    New Orleans Saints- Carolina will come close but Saints will win the division and win those shootouts. Not as dominent as last year though.

    NFC East
    Philedelphia Eagles- Only ones with a real certainty in there division of how they'll be. Romo had a few good games and fell apart at the end and that will carry over and he'll suck in '08 throwing to the King of Drops and injured Terry Glenn who will be out for some of it. Giants are such a question mark. You never know how they are

    NFC Wild card:

    Carolina Panthers- Guys are healthy. You got Steve Smith. You got Dwayne Jarrett. DeAngelo WIlliams will breakout. Delholme and i like David Carr. A dominent defense that can shutout an offense like St. Louis. Julius Peppers

    San Francisco 49ers- Every year people say its 49ers year well this years no different. I dont think they can beat Seattle but Alex Smith this is a big year for him. They got Darrel Jackson. They got Frank Gore and an good solid defense.

    Playoff results

    Wild card Round:

    San Francisco defeats Chicago

    Philadelphia defeats Carolina

    Division Round:

    Seattle defeats Philedelphia

    New Orleans defeats San Francisco

    NFC Championship Game:

    Seattle defeats New Orleans

    AFC Division Champions:

    Cincinnati Bengal- They acquired a steal with Leon Hall so late and he preformed great in the pre season from what I saw. With a better defense this offense with be one of the best again andtake them over the old Baltimore. How old is McNair now. Like 45. And ray Lewis. Liek 40 (Exaggerated. They're old. PLease dont attack me on something so small as that) I think this depends on Mondayu nights opener who wins that division to me.

    Indianapolis Colts-Got to go with the world champs. not many who can step up here and stop them in the division any how.

    New England Patriots-Do I have to make a reason why? Moss, Stallworth, Welker. Defense will suffer. No Rodney Harrison or Seymore Richard

    San Diego Chargers- I like Denvera lot to win but its just tooo hard to say not the MVP and Rivers in Norvs system with there top 3 defense.

    Wild card:

    Denver broncos-Cutler will lead that team with travis Henry and Jevon Walker and you wont be able pass against the Champ Baily and Dre Bly.

    Baltimore Ravens I want Jacksonville to get that second slot but Baltimore is the best defense wont be as good as last year and hwithout Jamal Lewis just will have a bad offense and good defense to keep them in games.

    Playoff Results

    Wild Card round

    Denver Broncos defeats Cincinnati Bengals (This will be a really close game but I like Denver better and last time therse two played Cincy lost by a mishandled extra point.)

    Indianapolis defeats Baltimore

    Divisional playoffs:

    Chargers defeat Indianapolis

    Denver defeats New England

    AFC Championship Game:

    San Diego Chargers defeat Denver Broncos (want broncos wont happen though)

    Super Bowl Results

    Seattle Seahawks defeat San Diego Chargers

    Coach of the Year:
    Mike Shanahan (was thinking Mangini)

    NFL MVP:
    Steven Jackson RB

    Defensive MVP:
    Julius Peppers DE

    NFL Rookie of the Year:
    Adrian Peterson RB
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

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    Re: Make the NFL Playoff predictions

    Well, here's my response to both of your questions:

    A) The pick I like least is SF.
    Alex Smith was much better last year, but that's because he was horrible - 1 TD and 11 INTs horrible - in his first season.
    He still wasn't that good.
    The defense was bad last year, and should be better but not great.
    I see this as an average to bad team with two or three teams in their division that are better than them.

    B) NFC Teams: CHI, SEA, PHI, TB, DAL, MIN

    AFC Teams: NE, IND, PIT, DEN, CIN, OAK

    I don't know why I just put the Raiders on there, but I think SD will not do well this year.
    I just think their offense won't be as good.
    I actually think Chicago will be better.
    Tampa Bay is a little out there, but I think Garcia will do well down there.
    I'm not sold on Tony Romo, but the rest of the team is good enough that they'll be okay.
    Well, there you go.
    Now it's written in stone, or its electronic equivalent.
    When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job." - Jack Handey [Deep Thoughts]

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