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    LT deal...what do you think?

    i know it's old news now but i was just wondering what people think of ladainian tomlinson's decision to stay with the chargers for the long haul. you kind of have to respect him for that. i know he's making tons of money from the deal but i think just about any team that could afford it probably would have given him the same deal. a lot of players have left teams because they don't like their losing ways, like terrell owens. but this at least shows he is determined to make this team better. consider also that although he was one of the best backs in the afc these last two seasons he did not make the pro bowl. being on the chargers probably had a little to do with that. i just think it was nice to see a player show some loyalty to a team instead of going to whoever is winning right now.

    or do you think he signed the deal for totally different reasons?

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    LT deal...what do you think?

    it's all good he's the best complete rb in the game
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    LT deal...what do you think?

    He really needs to leave, he could have a really good chance of winning a super bowl even for a mediocre team, hes just that good. respect the decision,but, a bad one.

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