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    Lions won't draft WR


    "(Mike) Williams could do no better than being a fourth or a fifth receiver in the Lions offense of 2006. Furrey, who played safety in St. Louis in 2005, soared past him into a starting role. The Lions even lined up quarterback Josh McCown at wide receiver in a few games while Williams watched from the sidelines."

    Now THAT is a slap in the face!!!

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    Re: Lions won't draft WR

    maybe they will draft CJ and just screw all draft boards over.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Lions won't draft WR

    I could totally picture the Lions taking CJ. Would not surprise me one bit

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    Re: Lions won't draft WR

    If Martz has anything to say about it they will.
    I would not want to face them with Roy Williams on one side, Johnson on the other and Furry as the slot receiver.
    That would not be fun.

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    Re: Lions won't draft WR

    The lions pull off some ridiculous stuff usually so I will believe it when I see it.

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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