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    Lions Reusing Jerseys
    [size=14pt]Lions Reusing Jerseys While Fans Are Getting Butt Tattoos Equals Constant Fail[/size]

    The Detroit Lions are at a turning point, no? They just shed their old regime run by Matt Millen, they drafted their franchise quarterback and, even in the darkest of times for Detroit, there appears to be some hope. Until you start reading Terry Foster's recent Lions round-up in his Detroit News column.

    You see, Foster finds -- in two separate items -- the real reason why the Lions fail: as their fans are, sadly, busy caring too much about the team, the Lions are busy caring too little about their fans. How do I know this? Because Foster mentions a fan who gets a Lions tattoo on his butt, and then in the next item discusses the fact that the team is repurposing jerseys. That's right, "Kevin Jones" is suddenly becoming "Kevin Smith."

    You see, Todd Taylor and Jim Allen, Lions season ticket holders, went to the team's draft party last Saturday. And they won Kevin Smith jerseys while there. Good times! Until they noticed the bulky stitching of the name, cut apart the jersey and found out that the team had been taking the Smith jerseys, doing some shoddy sewing, and then giving them away to season-ticket holders.

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    Re: Lions Reusing Jerseys

    Recycling Lions jerseys?
    I suppose they are trash anyways...

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