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Thread: Lions injury

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    Lions injury

    Lions injury

    Man. Pre-season makes me nervous....

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    Re: Lions injury

    As long as its other teams players getting hurt and not ours I have no problems with it. But I get really nervous as well ak when I see some of our starters get hit in the preseason games.

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    Re: Lions injury

    just keep knocking on wood everytime u speak of vikings and injury in the same sentence.

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    Re: Lions injury

    I don't wish injuries on anyone, we just have too play our starters for a couple series and get them out. Maybe the O-line will play till the 2nd Qtr,
    but the 3rd preseason game is for playing starters into the second half, with the 2nd and 4th preseason games used to evaluate the talent and let these guys show if they will make the team.

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    Re: Lions injury

    Any non-Eagles fan doesn't want anyone to get injured on any team, but now that it's hapenned I don't exactly regret it. and it's not that important of a position anyway, unlike the bears with Rex Grossman.
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