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    Prophet Guest

    Linehan: HC Rams.

    Looks to be true according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Rams reportedly bypass Rivera
    January 19, 2006
    Chicago Tribune

    The Rams, according to CBS Sportsline, will announce their next coach no later than Monday. And Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who met with the team Wednesday, is not expected to be the man.

    League sources confirmed Dolphins offensive coordinator Scott Linehan is the Rams' choice. Linehan, 42, initially was considered a long-shot candidate because he has only four years of NFL experience.

    Rams | Team names Linehan head coach
    Wed, 18 Jan 2006 20:15:56 -0800

    Jeff Darlington, of the Palm Beach Post, reports the St. Louis Rams have named Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Scott Linehan their new head coach. A news conference will be held before the end of the week to formally announce the decision.

    Dolphins | Baggett could go with Linehan
    Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:40:39 -0800

    Jason Cole, of the Miami Herald, reports Miami Dolphins wide receivers coach Charlie Baggett could go with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to the St. Louis Rams if Linehan is hired to fill the Rams head coaching vacancy. Previous reports have Linehan as the favorite to win the job and could be offered the position sometime this week.

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    Re: Linehan: HC Rams.

    This will only make the Pepper trade rumors grow more ..

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    Re: Linehan: HC Rams.

    Let me be the first:

    Pep for Marc Bulger, Marshall Faulk and a second-round draft choice.

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    Re: Linehan: HC Rams.

    I was just think Pep for Bulger ... I doubt we really would get anything else throw in .. maybe sawp first-rounders ... which would not be a bad deal.

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    Re: Linehan: HC Rams.

    First off, good for Linehan. It would be nice to have him at OC still. Secondly, I would not Marc Bulger on the Vikings if they gave him to us.
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    Re: Linehan: HC Rams.

    Hmmm, considering the calibur of QB DC was under Linehan, I would expect to get more then just Bulger and swapping draft picks. I still don't think, we are going to trade DC, nor do I want us to (but admittedly, the idea is starting to grow on me a little).

    Anyway, good for Linehan. I was sorry to see him go.
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    Rams to hire Miami coordinator Linehan as coach

    Good News for a great coach!

    Continuing the runaway trend toward hiring first-time head coaches, the St. Louis Rams have chosen Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Scott Linehan as the successor to the deposed Mike Martz and Wednesday night entered into contract discussions with him.

    Barring a hangup in negotiations, which is not likely, Linehan will be introduced as the Rams' head coach by the end of the week. Team and league sources as well as a source close to Linehan confirmed to that the Dolphins assistant had been offered the job.

    The Dolphins' offense ranked seventh in the AFC under Scott Linehan this past season.

    The choice of Linehan came Wednesday evening after St. Louis officials concluded the last interview with the three finalists, a meeting with highly regarded Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. All three finalists -- Linehan, Rivera and San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron -- had traveled to Los Angeles this week for the follow-up interviews.

    It is believed the decision came down to Linehan over Cameron, as Rams officials had come to believe in the last few days that a coach with an offensive background would best fit their team. Rivera met last week with the Rams and, while he was said to have been impressive, he was not as detailed as the others in his ideas for staffing.

    The consensus around the NFL earlier Wednesday was that Linehan and Cameron were very close in the running as the Rams continued to deliberate the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidates. During an informal brainstorming session among team officials last week, Linehan rated as the most impressive candidate.

    Despite reports that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders might be a late entry into the St. Louis coaching derby, Rams sources said he was not interviewed.

    In all, the Rams interviewed seven candidates. The only candidate with previous head coaching experience was Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Fassel, the onetime head coach of the New York Giants.

    Linehan, 42, has only been in the NFL four seasons, serving as offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings (2002-04) and then the Dolphins (2005). He is regarded as a bright and creative offensive mind, a coach who favors the power running game linked to a vertical passing attack.

    Before joining the Minnesota staff, Linehan had a 14-year career in the college ranks.

    The Rams will become the sixth team to hire a first-time head coach rather than one with prior experience. Of the seven teams that have chosen new coaches in the past week -- including the Detroit Lions, who will introduce former Tampa Bay defensive line aide Rod Marinelli as their new coach on Thursday -- only the Chiefs' Herman Edwards had previously been an NFL head coach.

    Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for

    Congrats to Scott!

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Rams to hire Miami coordinator Linehan as coach

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    Re: Rams to hire Miami coordinator Linehan as coach

    If Tice were to fill one of the open spots, It would say alot about coaching in recent history in MN. We'd have Tice, Green, Linehan, Dungy, and Billick who have been cordinators or coaches of the vikings. Does any other team have that many ties to current head coaches?

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    Re: Rams to hire Miami coordinator Linehan as coach

    Wow Linehan climbed the ranks quickly. He hasn't even been on a winning team during the past two years. I wish him good luck nonetheless
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    Thanks Josdin!

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