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    Linehan Coming Back?

    I'm guilty as saying I wanted him out of here and that he was horrible, etc. etc...but in hindsight I think he was a good fit for Daunte, and for the love of God he needs all he can get! Check this out, I don't know how true it is...

    Linehan prime candidate

    * Minnesota: The rumors the past week about current Miami offensive coordinator Scott Linehan returning to Minnesota make sense.

    Sure, a lot has to happen for Minnesota coach Mike Tice to get fired and Linehan to become head coach there. But Tice will be on the hot seat if the Vikings flounder again this year.

    The fire is stoked after the Vikings' promising season started off with a 24-13 home loss to Tampa Bay. If the Vikings - who blew fast starts the past two years - don't make the playoffs, Tice's contract likely will not be extended. This is the fourth and final year of the deal.

    Linehan would be a perfect fit. He left Minnesota in January after three years as the offensive coordinator and got a raise to work for Saban. The Vikings' administration loved Linehan, who has a close relationship with quarterback Daunte Culpepper. The classy Linehan likely will be a hot head coaching candidate in the winter anyway.

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    Re: Linehan Coming Back?

    or what about this Jimmy Johnson article?

    Like someone else said on another board, it does kind of seem like Johnson is "pimping" himself to be Minny's HC. Maybe I am just desperate for something and I am reading too far into it...

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    Re: Linehan Coming Back?

    Yeah, hinting. He seems to have his nose in the door way a little too far and too often lately. Plus he knows Zygi has the money!

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    Re: Linehan Coming Back?

    I think anyone will do at this point. Against the bengals, we looked outcoached more than outplayed. We have too much talent on this team to be losing like that.

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